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Top 5 Best Hotels in HaLong Bay, Quang Ninh Province

Halong Bay is famous domestically and internationally for its poetic beauty with hundreds of mountains and large and small caves. As a Vietnamese, everyone wants to once visit this place that has been recognized by

2021-07-18, 09:57

Top 5 reputable HaLong motorbike rental shops with good prices, door-to-door delivery 2021

The journey to discover Ha Long, which contains one of the seven world natural heritage recognized by UNESCO, will be a great eye-opening experience. You can rent a motorbike in Hanoi to move to Ha Long. In addition,

2021-07-15, 01:33

Itinerary suggestion for 2-days-1-night backpacking tourism in Ha Long

Ha Long is known as the central area of Quang Ninh province. With a relatively large area of 27.195,03ha, Ha Long has over 50km of coastline, and Ha Long Bay with 434km2. Not only that, the traffic in this area is quite

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Top 5 attractive entertainment places in Ha Long Center

Ha Long attracts visitors by the beautiful scenery of the World Heritage Bay and the unique entertainment places in the inner city of Ha Long. Pocket now TOP 5 most attractive entertainment places in the center of Ha

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Ha Long weather – Information you need to know!

Ha Long weather is the essential news that you are very interested in traveling here. Knowing about the weather characteristics of Ha Long in advance helps us choose the most suitable time to go out to enjoy sunny

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Top 5 beautiful HaLong Homestays for tourists to "change the wind"

In recent years, Ha Long Bays coastal town — World Natural heritage — has been showing beautiful - toxic - unique homestays which no one can ignore. Their arrival has created a remarkable new development direction for

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Top 5 beautiful places to visit in HaLong "forget the way back"

Up to now, Ha Long Bay has long maintained its position on the tourist map of Vietnam. Check-in points in Ha Long have always attracted many tourists. Coming to Ha Long is not only for tourism, but you also have

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Top 5 most beautiful and quality men's barber shops in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh

Women and men are also always looking for beautiful and quality barbershops to "send" their hair. The skills of the workers and the services at those salons partly determine the handsomeness of men. Don't

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The ideal time to travel to Ha Long

Ha Long is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the North of our country. Many domestic and international tourists have chosen this place as an ideal destination for their vacation. Here, you will

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Review of Wyndham Legend Ha Long hotel - Outstanding among world heritages

If Ha Long is the dream summer vacation destination of the whole family and you have a "headache" to choose the best hotel in Ha Long for a great experience, then refer to the review of the super-expensive