Go to Hon Mun Island Nha Trang to discover the amazing world under the ocean

Hon Mun Island is one of the four most beautiful islands of Nha Trang. This place attracts many tourists because of its pure and unspoiled beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. Let’s go with Luhanhvietnam to discover all about this beautiful island!

Locating the location of Hon Mun Island Nha Trang 

Hon Mun is known as one of the four most beautiful islands in Nha Trang next to Hon Tam Island, Tri Nguyen Island and Hon Mot Island. The island is located to the south of Hon Tre Island – where the  famous Vinpearl Land is located .Hon Mun Island Nha TrangHon Mun Island seen from aboveHon Mun Island Nha Trang(Photo: _mmanh.05)

Hon Mun Island is the first marine protected area of ​​our country. Especially here, there is a mixture of cold and hot water, so there are thousands of species of corals and rare ornamental fish in the world. About Hon Mun IslandHon Mun is becoming more and more popular with tourists About Hon Mun IslandMarine life at Hon Mun

In addition, the black rock caves on the island attract many swiftlets to nest and live. With an area of ​​​​island and sea about 160km2, Hon Mun is favored by nature for an extremely beautiful and rich marine ecosystem. This is an important premise for tourism development. Explore Hon Mun IslandHon Mun has clear water and white sand Hon Mun island tourism(Photo: tlananh__)

The ideal time to go to Mun island 

Nha Trang has a tropical climate all year round. Except for the rainy season months like October and November, the remaining months you can go to Hon Mun island at any time. But the most ideal time to visit Hon Mun Island  is from July to September. An interesting point is that when traveling to the sea, the hotter the weather, the clearer the sea. Moreover, here is the experience of diving to see the coral, the clarity of the water is a very important condition. The ideal time to visit Hon Mun IslandYou should come here in June – July! (Photo: guufashion_109trannguyenhan)

How to move to Hon Mun Nha Trang? 

To get to Hon Mun island, you need to move to Da bridge at the end of Tran Phu street. Here you get on a canoe or boat to go to Hon Mun. The distance from Da bridge and Hon Mun is about 10km, going by canoe will take 30 minutes. Sitting on a rippled ice canoe, visitors will enjoy the immense and refreshing sea view. Move to Hon Mun Island(Photo: tienkhi196)Move to Hon Mun Island(Photo: liyureason)

The beauty of Hon Mun Island

The name Hon Mun is derived from the black wood color of the steep cliffs in the caves on the island. The natural picture in Hon Mun island is the harmony of the sea and the green of the trees, bringing a really cool and pleasant space. The beauty of Hon Mun Island(Photo: xkingmnx)The beauty of Hon Mun Island(Photo: linhtra_n)

Unique experiences at Hon Mun Island

Go to the beach

Coming to Hon Mun, one thing is certain that you will not be able to resist the charm of the vast ocean. At this time, just immerse yourself in the clear water, you will forget all the troubles and fatigue. In the early morning, visitors can lie on the white sand to bask in the sun and breathe in the taste of the sea. Swimming in Hon Mun IslandThe sea water is so clear that you can see through to the bottomSwimming in Hon Mun IslandGo to the beach

Dive and see coral

The seawater at Hon Mun Nha Trang is very clear, you can see through the bottom. Therefore, besides swimming, the scuba diving service is very popular with many tourists. If you participate in this activity, you will be taught how to rent specialized diving gear including: propellers, clothes, oxygen tanks,… The staff will instruct you on basic safety regulations before diving. down. The duration of each dive will be 30 minutes. The coral here is very beautiful with many types and colors. Snorkeling at Hon Mun IslandDive and see coral

In the sunny summer days, the sea is peaceful and blue like paradise, the coral reefs become more beautiful and brilliant, drawing a ravishing ocean scene. Snorkeling at Hon Mun IslandThe beautiful coral reefs under the sea (Photo: zeleoth)

Take a glass bottom boat to see the coral

If you go to Hon Mun island but don’t have enough stamina to go diving or you simply prefer to relax on the shore more, try to experience coral watching by glass-bottom boat. This boat has a circular shape that looks quite like a basket, but there is a hole in the middle so that visitors can see through the coral reefs, fish, moss, and marine life below. The boatman will control by paddle drifting slowly on the sea surface. Your job is to sit on the boat and explore the colorful world under the ocean. Experience a glass-bottom boat ride on Hon Mun IslandExperience coral viewing by glass bottom boat


An extremely stimulating sport for those who are passionate about thrills and challenges at Hon Mun Nha Trang island is skydiving. Participating in the game, you will be able to spread your wings in the vast air with birds and watch the sea from above. Just hearing it makes you feel good, right? Skydiving at Hon Mun Island Nha TrangSkydiving at Hon Mun Island

Enjoy fresh seafood on Mun island Nha Trang 

Because there are no restaurants and eateries on Hon Mun island like many other tourist destinations, when you come here, you will enjoy the taste of fresh seafood in a wild style. Visitors can directly buy seafood right on the fishing boats of fishermen to ensure freshness and ask them to process it to enjoy. 

Here there are shrimp, squid, fish, … spoiled for you to choose. What could be better than organizing a BBQ party right on the beach with friends and relatives. In the windy ocean space, enjoying many typical dishes of the sea is really “already”. What to eat when coming to Hon Mun island?(Photo: nzhoangdung)

Notes when coming to Hon Mun Nha Trang 

– To both be proactive about time and save money, you can rent a canoe to move to the island without going through another intermediary. 

– According to Nha Trang travel experience , before you go, you should make a specific schedule and consider using services and experiences to avoid losing money unjustly. 

– When you go to the island, you must have a sense of keeping the general hygiene, do not throw garbage in the yard. Note when coming to Hon Mun Island(Photo: hellominhanh)

Hon Mun Island Nha Trang with its unique beauty under the ocean and many unique experiences is waiting for you to discover. Hurry up to create a team to invite hardcore players to “run away” here right now! 

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