How to visit and discover Hon Tam Island in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

Hon Tam Nha Trang or Thuy Kim Son Island is 7 km far from the center of Nha Trang City. Hon Tam Island has become an ideal Nha Trang tourist destination for those who love eco-tourism and relaxation. It still retains many pristine and pure beauty in the middle of the clear blue sea.

  1. When to visit Hon Tam Island

When to visit Hon Tam Island

The climate in Hon Tam Nha Trang is relatively mild. The average annual temperature is 26.3⁰C. The winter is short, and the dry season prolongs. It is an area with favorable weather conditions to travel. Thanks to good climate characteristics, tourism services in Hon Tam Nha Trang are served almost all year round. Therefore, there are thousands of tourists coming to the island every year.

However, to have a more specific view, the period from March to September is the most suitable time for you to visit Hon Tam Island in Nha Trang.

  • Average hours of sunshine: 2.605
  • Max temperature: August (29,3ºC)
  • Min temperature: February (23,9ºC)

How to visit Hon Tam Island

To visit Nha Trang in general and Hon Tam Island in particular, the choice of tourists coming from afar is mostly by plane. To get to Nha Trang, you have to go through Cam Ranh airport.

Cam Ranh airport is located in Cam Nghia ward, Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province, about 40 km north of Nha Trang city. Because the road is quite far, the means of transportation from Cam Ranh airport to Nha Trang are mainly taxis and buses.


There are two ways to travel to Hon Tam Island from Nha Trang City:

You can sign up for a tour to 4 islands, including Hon Tam. Then they will take you to visit the islands by boat, to the dining and entertainment spots on the island. Of course, you will have to spend money to buy tickets to participate in the tour. If you come to Thuy Kim Son for the first time, you should choose this way, simply because it's safe.

Or you will buy a ticket to rent a high-speed canoe to go to the island. Sound more interesting. After arriving at Cam Ranh City airport to move to the center of Nha Trang City, you will book a room and rent a canoe, and there are about 20 trips a day, both going and returning, 25 guests/journey/20 minutes. If you are seasick, remember to prepare one anti-sickness pill and take it 30 minutes before.

Taxi contacts from Cam Ranh Airport to Nha Trang:

  • Taxi Mai Linh: (058).3.811.811
  • Taxi Nha Trang: (058). – 3.824.000
  • Khánh Hòa Taxi: (058).3.810.810 – 3.871.871
  • Emasco Taxi: (058). – 3.814.444
  • Taxi Quốc Tế Nha Trang: (058).
  • Taxi V20: (058).

What to visit on Hon Tam Island

Hoang Hoa Village

When you first visit Hon Tam Island, do not forget to go to Hoang Hoa Village with many things to experience. It is 400m2 wide, including five old houses over 100 years old, in which there is a 36-column house that is almost intact with items of the ancient countryside such as rice mills, lanterns, tables, cabinets, tureen, casket.

Visitors may feel lost in the ancient traditional living space of the ancients, peaceful scenery, and relaxed spirit. You will enjoy the sound of zither and stone, watch artisans weaving brocade, making fine art ceramics, and making wine. Some significant festivals are held annually here, like Hung King Ceremony, Cherry Blossom Festival, Cau Ngu Festival.

Activities on the beach

Hon Tam Island has a beautiful coastline of more than 1 km, with a strip of white sand as smooth as silk lying next to the clear blue sea that makes anyone attracted. In the distance is a row of leaf-layer huts interspersed between rows of green trees.

You can soak in the water or choose to lie in a hammock under the trees, enjoy the feeling of relaxation and fresh air.


With the water-motor game, the guard will guide you to put on a life jacket, learn how to operate the steering wheel, control these buttons, and most importantly, how to handle when the motorcycle is overturned. For first-timers, flipping is regular, so do not worry.

On visiting Hon Tam Island, you can use a kayak as a means to explore the shores or float along the blue seawater to be immersed in the sea and sky. 

Or if you ever want to have once the remarkable ability to fly vertically up like Iron Man, you should experience the game of thrill called Flyboard. Like many other water sports, the game requires players to have the flexibility to perform acrobatics in the water and the air ideally.

Ticket to the island:

  • Adult: 360.000 VNĐ/person
  • Children (1m – 1,3m): 250.000 VNĐ/child
  • Children under 1m: Free

Where to stay when visiting Hon Tam Island

MerPerle Hon Tam Resort will be the first choice for tourists coming to visit Hon Tam Island. There are beautiful hotels located next to the sea, spacious bedrooms, clean and sanitary wares, fully equipped space to bring a sense of luxury.

Bungalows in pure Vietnamese architecture are designed delicately in every detail. They are likened to small villas created by materials of wood, bamboo, coconut leaves, straw..., blending with natural plants and trees facing the sea. It is a peaceful place for you to enjoy the taste of life.

If you want to be closer to nature, you can camp overnight on the beach and experience the unique "thousand-star hotel" space. 

MerPerle Hon Tam Resort

  • Address: Hon Tam Island, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province
  • Hotline: 0258 3597 777
  • Rating: 8.3/10

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