Bat Trang Ceramic Village - a unique destination for one-day trip near Hanoi

Bat Trang is not a strange destination for young people who love the traditional culture of the Vietnamese ceramic village. Only less than 15km from the center of Hanoi, this is a highly ideal place for weekend picnics.

  1. Introduction to Bat Trang pottery village
  2. How to go to Bat Trang pottery village?
  3. Places to visit in Bat Trang
  4. Cuisine in Bat Trang ceramic village

Introduction to Bat Trang pottery village


Bat Trang pottery village is located on the banks of the Red River, in Gia Lam district, outside Hanoi. Bat Trang's name means "big yard," and the village has a history dating back to the Le Dynasty. This place is the oldest and most famous pottery village in Vietnam and a place that domestic and foreign tourists cannot fail to visit once. Bat Trang Pottery Village specializes in producing various types of ceramics in both styles and designs. When coming to Bat Trang, the most exciting thing is that you can directly watch the artisans make delicate ceramic products or manually mold the products to your hobbies.

How to go to Bat Trang pottery village?

Located in a convenient location, not far from the center of Hanoi, you have many ways to move to Bat Trang Gia Lam pottery village. We will tell you a few ways to move very quickly and save money.

  • How to get to bat trang from hanoi (29 minutes (15.8 km) via Long Bien - Xuan Quan/DT378. Direct)
  • How long does it take from bat trang to quang ninh? (2 hours 49 minutes (177.5 km) via NH5B/ĐCT04. Direct)



For students, nothing is more reasonable than going from Hanoi to Bat Trang pottery village by bus. Safe and fast and not afraid of rain or sun, you can land in Bat Trang at the lowest price. From points in the inner city of Hanoi, you take a bus to Long Bien transit station and then take bus 47 to Bat Trang for only 7k/time. Get in the car leisurely to eat or sleep well, less than 30 minutes later you will be at the famous ceramics village.


For young people who love backpacking trips, moving to Bat Trang from the capital by motorbike is a fascinating choice. From Chuong Duong bridge or Vinh Tuy bridge, Thanh Tri follows the Red River until you see the road sign for Bat Trang Pottery Village, congratulations, you have reached your destination !!. Very easy to go.


For those who want to discover the unique features of river tourism, there is a Red River tour every weekend through Bat Trang pottery village and Chu Dong Tu temple. If you are bored with road travel, you can refer to this new way of moving!

Places to visit in Bat Trang

Bat Trang Ancient Village


Coming to Bat Trang Gia Lam tourism, you cannot help but visit the ancient village of Bat Trang with unique and ancient architecture. You have the opportunity to explore around the old village on a rustic buffalo cart to enjoy the rustic and bold atmosphere. Typical places that leave traces of ancient times here is the ancient house of Van Van (Vạn Vân), the communal house of Bat Trang village. As a wooden house more than 200 years old, Van Van ancient house is an architectural masterpiece including ceramic motifs, blue enamel pots, dragon jars, ceramic stamping molds, etc., from before the 15th century. Bat Trang village is the place to worship the Citadel and the venue for festivals all year round. If you go to Bat Trang ancient village on the right occasion of the celebration, you can discover the unique and bustling culture.

Pottery yard


For tourists in Bat Trang pottery village, their wish to mold products made from ceramic and enamel by themselves when coming to this beautiful land is to mold products made from ceramic and enamel. You can become a real potter who is free to create products from clay and turntables. Although it may be a bit confusing when you don't know how to use it, you will receive dedicated instruction from skilled potters right in the ancient village of Bat Trang. After you complete the "masterpiece," the product will be burned to take home. So you can freely take virtual photos to show your friends and relatives the artwork you created yourself, right?

Bat Trang Ceramic Market


Gom Market is a place where you can find lovely souvenirs that are both unique and cheap. The stalls at the pottery market sell a lot of ceramic products such as souvenirs, dishes, cups, art decorations, worship items, etc. The hands of famous artisans create all products here. You can observe and film the process of them kneading ceramics right at the mini ceramic courtyards in the market.

Cuisine in Bat Trang ceramic village


Traveling to Bat Trang cannot help but enjoy the delicious specialties here. You can stop at the shops near the market to taste some snacks with super soft prices such as baked cassava cake, hot sticky rice cake or rice, vermicelli, and vermicelli with the typical flavor of Bat Trang ancient village. Primarily, you cannot miss the specialty of squid bamboo shoot soup, a famous traditional dish here. The yellow color of bamboo shoots blends with the sweet broth. When eaten, it will be crunchy and delicious. Squid bamboo shoot soup is often used as the main dish in traditional holidays, weddings, and Tet anniversary of Bat Trang ceramic village people. Don't miss this great opportunity!

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