2022-03-19, 04:19

Grilled amur with fermented rice and galangal - a tasty dish for the weekend

The fish's skin is crispy and fragrant and the meat is tender with a bit sour from the fermented rice. The dish is the best when combined with the golden color and aroma of galangal roots, rolled with some herbs and

2022-03-15, 15:03

Western style braised goby fish

Firm, not broken fish with a strong flavor, together with the thicken broth, boiled vegetables served a very delicious braised dish.

2022-03-12, 03:39

Cured meat in fish sauce - a delicacy of the Central region

The meat is high-seasoned, harmonious with sweet and salty taste, the skin is crispy, and it will even be more flavored when eaten with Tet cake or rolled with raw vegetables.

2022-03-10, 15:35

Green onion wrap – a favorite dish after Tet Holiday

The perfect combination of shrimp, pork, egg and fresh herb altogether constructs a delicious dish after the Tet holiday. This is a signature dish of many provinces such asThai Binh, Ninh Binh, Hai Phong, etc.

2022-03-09, 11:20

Savory balls- a perfect treat on cold days

The crust is golden, both crunchy and ductile. The filling inside is split, soft, naturally meaty from meat, dried mushroom. Dip the balls into sweet and sour dipping sauce will quickly dispel the cold.

2022-03-07, 03:21

Steps to make Vietnamese fried fish noodle soup 'Bun ca' deliciously

After Tet Holiday, Vietnamese fried fish noodle soup with its soothing broth and crispy fish always allures customers.

2022-03-06, 02:19

Chili garlic sauce recipe

Stir the sugar until dissolved, select the plump garlic, mince the chili and garlic then add it to the lemon juice to ensure a round and attractive sauce.

2022-03-05, 16:29

How to make delicious lemongrass pork skewers like a restaurant

Each lemongrass pork skewers wrapped in lemongrass, soft and sweet, rolled with raw vegetables, green bananas then dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce, create an attractive symphony.

2022-03-03, 18:39

Northwest Grilled Chicken with "Cham Cheo"

Juicy, well-grilled chicken with "cham cheo" and "doi" seeds, local Northwest people's spices, will leave a strong impression on whoever having a chance to give it a taste.