Cured meat in fish sauce - a delicacy of the Central region

The meat is high-seasoned, harmonious with sweet and salty taste, the skin is crispy, and it will even be more flavored when eaten with Tet cake or rolled with raw vegetables.


  1. 600 gr pork belly
  2. 300ml traditional fish sauce ( about 30-40 gN/l)
  3. 300 gr sugar
  4. 1,5 tablespoons of vinegar
  5. Shallot, chili, pepper
  6. Clean and dry jar


Bacon cut into long pieces, rub with lemon and salt to deodorize, then wash.

Blanch meat with boiling water to remove impurities, then rinse with cooled boiled water, pat dry or drain.

Wear gloves, dab a little sugar on the surface of the meat to make it crispy.

Boil a mixture of fish sauce, sugar, and vinegar until the sugar dissolves. Add whole peppercorns, turn off heat, let it cool completely.

Peel the shallot then slice thinly. Wash the chili then drain.

Put the meat in a clean glass jar (sterilized, drained), add sliced shallot, chili, use a comprehensive plastic blister to insert the mouth of the jar, then pour the fish sauce and sugar mixture into the meat, cover the lid, and leave it in a cool place.

Meat soaked in fish sauce for about a week is edible. After that, you can put it in the refrigerator to preserve.

Requirements for finished products: crispy pork with golden brown shining skin, harmonious sweet and salty taste. This dish served with banh tet or rolls with herbs, rice paper is very delicious and convenient.


  • Wash, rinse the jar with hot water and left to dry completely.
  • Meat and fish sauce must be completely cooled before being soaked. Otherwise, it will be viscous, spoiled and not crispy.
  • The meat must be compressed and drown in fish sauce for longer preservation. 
- Ha Noi
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