Quy Nhon, VietNam - Travel Guide

Quy Nhon, Vietnam is home to some of the best beaches in Vietnam, but hardly anyone visits. So here’s a travel guide full of everything there is to do in Quy Nhon.

Places We Visited

  • Quy Nhon Beach
  • Surf Bar 1
  • Ky Co Beach
  • Ngoc Hoa Monastery
  • Eo Gio
  • Nguyen Sinh Sac - Nguyen Tat Thanh Monument
  • Long Khanh Pagoda
  • Vung Chua Mountain
  • Han Mac Tu’s Grave
  • Binh Dinh Museum
  • Quy Nhon Sports Bar

Places We Wanted to Visit (but didn’t get a chance)

  • Ba Hoa Mountain
  • Banh It Temples (better than the Twin Tower temples and hillside views)
  • Cat Tien Beach
  • Vinh Hoi beach and village (better than Ky Co beach and free to visit)
  • White Buddha - Tượng Phật Chùa Ông Núi Temple

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