Top 5 most famous tourist destinations in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

Quy Nhon is a beautiful city located in Binh Dinh province, famous for its beautiful natural scenery, charming mountains, sincere and gentle people. If you visit this city once, you must not miss the following most famous tourist destinations in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh.

1. Nhon Ly Beach

Quy Nhon is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches, attracting many tourists, including the Nhon Ly beach area with 6 attractive beaches: Ky Co, Vung Dua, Eo Gio, Nha Cang, Hon Seo, Rang Lon. Nature in Nhon Ly is a harmonious combination of blue sea, overlapping mountains, famous landscapes, and romantic long sandy beaches. With the advantage of unique beauty, pristine coral reefs, diverse marine ecosystems, Nhon Ly is considered the "paradise" of Vietnam's sea and islands by domestic and foreign tourists. In recent years, after the wonderful sea and island images of Nhon Ly were posted online, this place suddenly became an ideal destination for nature-loving tourists. 

The most impressive thing in Nhon Ly is the block of small islands closes together in the sea, in contrast to the gentle, clear water below. The clear blue water surface is always crashing with waves, the high rocky mountain slopes and weeds are covered with green carpets on the mountain, the sound of the wind and the salty scent of the sea... all the natural beauty is beautiful. That attraction has created an impressive and charming sea. Leaving the busy urban place for a few days to come to this unique island paradise to enjoy an idyllic life, why not?

2. Hon Kho

If you are looking for a wild place with a road through the sea, a virtual wooden bridge, Hon Kho - Quy Nhon is the right choice. Hon Kho (also known as Cu Lao Hon Kho) is one of 32 islands near the shore of Binh Dinh province, located about 16 km from the center of Quy Nhon city. This is the rockiest beach, always clean, and retains its inherent natural beauty. Hon Kho welcomes large waves crashing into the cliffs during the rough sea season and then releases white foam-like sea flowers. The best season for you to visit this place is from March to September, and you will be living in nature with green grass, freshwater cracking from the cliffs. 

Hon Kho Island is sparsely populated, mainly fishers, so this place has a wild landscape of natural beauty. Interspersed between the rocky outcrops jutting out into the sea are many smooth and attractive sandy beaches. Visiting Hon Kho Island, there are two interesting experiences that visitors cannot ignore: diving to see corals under the sea and conquering the rocky mountains on the island. In addition, the seafood here is also attractive to visitors with fresh, seasonal seafood with different ways of cooking. As its name suggests, Hon Kho Island is very dry, with no green trees and no attractive leaning coconut trees, but has a strange charm, attracting many young backpackers.

3. Cu Lao Xanh (Green Isle)

Cu Lao Xanh is perhaps a strange name to some people, but it is a beautiful island with an endless sea and blue sky. Cu Lao Xanh is a priceless gift that Mother Nature has bestowed on the land of Binh Dinh. Visiting here, you will be immersed in the space of immense nature; you can stand from the island to see the lighthouse sparkling day and night or wake up to welcome the dawn in the morning and enjoy the sunset at dusk. Cu Lao Xanh always promises to bring tourists countless new and unforgettable experiences. Visitors can immerse themselves in the large fresh, natural space and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rustic life of the fishermen here.

 Cu Lao Xanh is beautiful all year round, but you should avoid coming here in late July and August because this is the time when many storms will endanger your trip. In addition, you should not go in winter. The ideal time to explore the island is from February to June, September, and October. Coming to Cu Lao Xanh, you will have interesting experiences such as walking, swimming, watching the sunrise, watching corals, watching the activities of fishers... At Cu Lao Xanh, just walking on water, you can meet coral clusters of all shapes and sizes. This place is also a fresh seafood paradise with very affordable prices.

4. Thap Doi (Twin Towers)

Thap Doi is one of the unique architectural works that every tourist wants to visit this construction when it comes to Binh Dinh. Thap Doi is a unique architectural work because this is a cultural relic left by the Cham people. Thap Doi is one of the eight remaining clusters of Cham Towers in Binh Dinh today, one of the architectural monuments of Cham culture with unique religious colors. The name Thap Doi comes from the image of two towers standing parallel to each other. Visiting this, you can learn the culture of the Cham people with a little architectural art as well as the patterns and textures that the Cham people use to decorate.

The tower has a unique structure consisting of two towers: the large tower is about 20m high, the small tower is 18 m high, adjacent to each other. Inside the heart of Thap Doi, there is a stone mill to grind rice flour in the past, which later Kinh people also used to grind rice flour to process cakes. The outside is decorated with unique features such as statues of gods, dancers, and Garuda bird statues. All things are like a vivid picture that will surely attract visitors when coming here cannot stop being curious and surprised about the structure. If you pay more attention, visitors coming here will see that the large tower is quite balanced, the body and roof are handled delicately. The meticulousness of the Cham people will make you feel that this is really imbued with the nation's cultural identity.

5. Yen Island (Oats Island)

Yen Island has an interesting natural landscape, attractive by thousands of ancient natural caves, towering rock arches, dangerous caves crisscrossing in the island's heart. Looking to the east of Quy Nhon city, the majestic Phuong Mai mountain range appears like a hero as a shield to protect the peaceful city. The nature on the mountain is as beautiful as a picture with the harmony of charming mountains and rivers. The special thing in the high blue sky is the flock of swallows flying in the sky. The specialty that cannot be ignored is the bird's nest, with a special and nutritious flavor loved by the whole world.

Yen Island is attractive with natural caves dating back thousands of years with stone arches like a dinosaur standing hundreds of meters away. When entering the cave, visitors can be surprised by the majestic beauty that nature bestows on this place. Visitors can see the nests spread into large strips with the mother birds lovingly feeding the young birds. This is a prominent feature of Yen Island. This place is like a perfect art picture with natural and real looks, and Yen island is a place that visitors cannot ignore if they can travel to Binh Dinh.

Best places to visit in Quy Nhon

- Ha Noi
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