Top 5 reputable HaLong motorbike rental shops with good prices, door-to-door delivery 2021

The journey to discover Ha Long, which contains one of the seven world natural heritage recognized by UNESCO, will be a great eye-opening experience. You can rent a motorbike in Hanoi to move to Ha Long. In addition, renting a motorbike in Ha Long will help you save time and optimize your travel schedule. Ha Long has many motorbike rental shops. However, not all stores are good and operate reputably. So, how to rent a motorbike in Ha Long without being cut and slashed? Let's refer to the reputable and quality motorbike rental locations in Ha Long below.

Kim’s Motorbike Rentals

Many people said that Kim's Motorbike is the most famous motorbike rental service in Ha Long today. With three stores in Bai Chay and Ha Long, the store has the advantage of fast car delivery. Currently, the store is applying free delivery in the Bai Chay area and commits to deliver the car in 20 minutes; the remaining spots will charge a delivery fee of 30.000 VNĐ/motobike/day.

The most significant advantage of Kim's Motorbike is that the quality of the car is better than the common ground. The vehicles are all low in age and are replenished regularly. The store no longer uses the old Nouvo lines but instead has high-reliability cars like the AirBlade or the Vision.

To calculate car rental days, the shop applies the price calculation method for half a day, one day, and renting from 3 days or more will get a discount. This calculation is suitable for guests who need to move in a short time. 


Rating: 4.9/5


From Monday to Thursday:

  • Car number: 5,22 USD (~110.000 VND)/day
  • Scooter: 5,22 USD (~120.000 VND)/day

From Friday - Sunday:

  • Car number: 5,22 USD (~120.000 VND)/day
  • Scooter: 2,18 USD (~50.000 VND)/day

Nest Travel - Rent a motorbike in Bai Chay 

Ha Long Nest Travel motorbike rental is an address highly appreciated by customers after using the service. Because the shop provides good motorbikes with guaranteed quality, which are checked periodically, which gives tenants peace of mind and confidence throughout the usage journey. Besides, it also limits the risk and waste when moving, especially when rough terrain or mountain passes. 

Moreover, car rental prices here are incredibly affordable. Car rental price depends on different car models. Customers can choose a car with a price that suits their needs. In addition, the store has a good incentive policy when you rent long-term, by a week or by month. Specifically, according to each type of car, the rental price from 1-5 days is about 120k-150k. If renting by the week, the price is from 1 million VND, monthly about 2-4 million. 

Rating: 4.5/5 

Minh's Ha Long Motorbike Rental

Minh's is a motorbike rental service provider in Quang Ninh - Ha Long. This place offers a variety of vehicles that allow customers to choose according to their own needs and the purpose of use. Not only that, each rental car is guaranteed for quality standards and is always regularly inspected. Therefore, customers can rest assured when using the service here. In addition, the store offers a very competitive price for all users. From students, tourists, or business people can rent a good car at an affordable price. That helps you optimize the cost of your trip conveniently and economically. 

The most significant plus point at the store is the professional customer service style, completely different from other units. Not only the attentive, welcoming staff and careful car delivery. The owner is local and very hospitable. He wholeheartedly supports and answers all questions of visitors. If this is your first time coming to Ha Long, do not hesitate to ask him for advice on tourist spots! 

Rating: 5.0

Sun World Quang Ninh motorbike rental

Born not long ago, this Bai Chay motorbike rental shop has won the trust of many tourists. Because of the quality of service here. This place offers new and popular cars. That gives customers a great experience and peace of mind during use. The store also has various vehicles, full of colors to choose from depending on your preferences and needs freely. They will support you with any problems during the car rental process. That is the brightest plus point of the shop in the eyes of tourists when renting a car here. 

Besides, the procedure for renting a motorbike is also quick, and the rental price is relatively cheap. The store is also one of the highly-rated Ha Long motorbike rental spots on Google. 

Rating: 4.9

  • Phone: 0978.741.713
  • Address: Sun World, Ha Long, Bai Chay, Ha Long City
  • Website:
  • Price: 5,22 USD (~120.000 VND)/day

Motorbike rental Ha Long – Minh Thanh

When you rent a car in Minh Thanh, a unique feature is a very different way to calculate the rental price. Most shops will charge a car rental by the day, but it is set by the hour. So if you rent a car for 4 hours, you will only have to pay the rental fee for those 4 hours. That saves you the cost of renting a car if you only need to rent a few hours to move near Ha Long. Besides, this address also lists the same price as MOTOGO. All prices are public for your convenience. Therefore, there will never be a situation of slashing customers in the peak tourist season. Consequently, you will be completely assured of the price when renting a car here! 

Rating: 5.0 

  • Phone: 0986.322.292
  • Address: Doc of Agarwood Group 5, Zone 2, Ha Long
  • Price: 5,22 USD (~120.000 VND)/day

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