Top 5 good motorbike rental services in Da Nang

When traveling anywhere, most visitors want to experience the places freely and comfortably during the trip. Therefore, renting a safe, quality motorbike is essential. However, not all services are good, so it requires tenants to learn carefully and have experience in choosing a motorbike. Therefore, let's take a look through reputable and quality motorbike rental services in Da Nang.


Binh Minh rental service

Binh Minh rental service is one of the leading prestigious car rental locations in Da Nang, with more than five years of accompanying tourists. From 80,000 VND (3.48 USD), you can quickly move to explore and experience exciting things in this livable city. In addition, Binh Minh car rental service also has a monthly car rental program with preferential prices suitable for users who have long-term use needs but do not want to buy a car.

Price list for reference (for one-day car rental):

  • 125cc scooters: 160,000 VND/day (6.95 USD)
  • 110cc scooters: 150,000 VND/day (6.52 USD)
  • Vehicles with number: 120,000 VND/day (5.21 USD)

Customers who rent for more than five days will be offered a discount of 80,000 VND/day (3.48 USD) for motorbikes and 100,000 VND/day (4.34 USD) for scooters.

Thanh Ha motorbike rental service

Thanh Ha motorbike rental service rents various motorbikes at different prices depending on the time and type of vehicle. Each motorbike has two modern helmets to ensure safety on each road. In addition, Thanh Ha also has special incentives for customers who often rent a car or sign a rental contract for a long time.

Reference price list (for one-day car rental):

  • Motorbikes: 80,000 VND/day (3.48 USD)
  • Types of scooters: 150,000 VND/day (6.52 USD)

Anh Tuan Motorbike Company

Located in the city center, Anh Tuan Motorbike company is a convenient place for tourists who rent motorbikes. Customers will be provided with two helmets, a raincoat, and a Da Nang city map when renting a motorbike here.

Reference price list:

  • For long-term tenants: 50,000 VND/day (2.17 USD)
  • For guests who rent 3-4 days: 100,000 VND/day (4.34 USD)

Truong Dat Motorbike Company

 Truong Dat Motorcycle Company always operates with the top service criteria to bring satisfaction to customers. When renting a motorbike at Truong Dat company, customers will have a raincoat and 1 liter of gasoline along with two high-quality helmets. For customers with long-term rental needs, the company will have a particular policy.

  • Address: K65/86, To Hien Thanh, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang city
  • Phone: 0969 722 744 - 0969 822 844

Reference price list:

  • Rent a motorbike for a day: 140,000 VND/day (6.08 USD)
  • Two-day motorbike rental: 120,000 VND/day (5.21 USD)
  • Time from three days or more: 100,000 VND/day (4.34 USD)

Gia Khanh motorbike rental

 Coming to Gia Khanh motorbike, customers will be delivered to their place at the requested location without charge. In addition, you will have helmets, raincoats, 24-hour support service, and 1 liter of petrol.

Reference price list:

  • Motorbike: 80,000 - 100,000 VND (3.48 - 4.34 USD)
  • Scooter: 100,000 - 150,000 VND (4.34 - 6.52 USD) 

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