Itinerary suggestion for 2-days-1-night backpacking tourism in Ha Long

Ha Long is known as the central area of Quang Ninh province. With a relatively large area of 27.195,03ha, Ha Long has over 50km of coastline, and Ha Long Bay with 434km2. Not only that, the traffic in this area is quite convenient when National Highway 18A is running around the city. In particular, Ha Long also has a pretty large seaport, helping the sea trade be busy and developed.
Ha Long's topography is quite complex and diverse. It has hills, valleys, coastal areas, and islands. The climate of Ha Long city is also divided into two distinct seasons: winter and summer. Not only that, this is an enclosed sea area, so it is less affected by many storms.
In general, Ha Long has very fresh air, many beautiful scenes, rich and diverse cuisine. Therefore, the province's tourism develops quite strongly; visitors can also choose to travel to Ha Long at any time of the year.

  1. Moving to Ha Long

  2. What to eat in Ha Long, where to stay?

  3. Suggested itinerary for two days 1-night self-sufficient travel in Ha Long

Moving to Ha Long 

Currently, there are many means of transportation to Ha Long, such as passenger cars, tourist buses, trains, motorbikes, airplanes, etc. From Hanoi to Ha Long, the distance is about 160km - 170km with time. Travel time from 2-4 hours, you depend on the route you choose. If you depart from Ho Chi Minh, because the distance is quite long, you should choose to fly to Van Don international airport for the most convenience. To know more about the most convenient time and means of transportation to Ha Long, you can read more in this article. 

What to eat in Ha Long, where to stay? 

There are quite a few resort resorts, budget hotels, to homestays for you to choose from. You can consult and book Ha Long hotel on some online websites or consult information from some friends who have been here. Some suggestions for you are that you can stop at BBQ Hostel, Happy Ha Long, May House Hostel,... You can also refer to the Ha Long travel combos, including shuttle bus and hotel room, economical and convenient for your trip. 

Coming to Ha Long, you also have the opportunity to enjoy many delicious dishes such as Tien Yen hill chicken, apricot wine, squid cake, boredom. A small share with you is that everyone can experience Ha Long food tour to discover this land's cuisine fully. It is sure to be a delightful experience!

Suggested itinerary for two days 1-night self-sufficient travel in Ha Long 

Two days off at the weekend, many people will choose to come to Ha Long to relieve stress. Time is not much, only two days and one night, so everyone needs to have a fun schedule suitable for them. Below is two days one night self-sufficient Ha Long itinerary that you can refer to. 

  • The first day 

You will check-in hotel in the morning of the first day after arriving in Ha Long. If you come early, you can always go out. Otherwise, after checking in, you take a rest, eat, and then start exploring. 

You can choose from several itineraries to go to Ha Long on the first day as follows: 

- The first schedule (4 hours): You will go to the cruise ship port, go to Thien Cung, Dau Go, Dinh Huong, Ga Choi, and finally to Ba Hang. 

- Second schedule (6 hours): You go to the cruise ship port, go to Dinh Huong, Ga Choi, explore Sung Sot cave and finally go to Titop. 

- The third schedule (8 hours): Go to the cruise ship port, go to Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot, Titop, and explore Luon Cave. 

- The fourth schedule (8 hours): You will also go to the cruise ship port to wait for the ship, then explore some places such as Sung Sot, Titop island, Cua Van fishing village, Ba Trai Dao. 

- The fifth schedule (10 hours): Go to the cruise ship port to explore Sung Sot cave, visit the beauty of Titop, Bai Tu Long bay. 

You go to the cruise ship port, ask to buy tickets to explore Ha Long Bay first and then purchase tickets according to the schedule selected above. In the evening, you return to the hotel to rest, shower, and have dinner. After having dinner, you can move to Bai Chay, an old town, to explore and enjoy life here. 

  • The second day 

On the second day, instead of going to many other tourist destinations, you should go to Sun World Ha Long. There are many exciting and exciting games here that are sure to make you want to play. You can buy tickets to ride the sun wheel or the queen cable car to enjoy the beauty of Ha Long Bay from above. Ticket prices here are not too expensive, adults 350.000 VND (~15,24 USD), children 200.000 VND (~8,71 USD). On some special occasions, fares are also cheaper, with discounts ranging from 20 to 70%. 

If you still have time, you can visit the city museum, Bai Tho bridge, or go to Ha Long market to buy some specialties as gifts. Read more article "8 specialties you will regret if you don't buy when going to Ha Long" for unique gifts for relatives and friends. 

At noon, you check out of the hotel and catch the car to return. If you have few things and ride a motorbike here, you can visit Bai Chay lighthouse. Or you can check out and leave your items at the hotel so that after discovering Bai Chay lighthouse, you will come back to get them. Although it is not too big, as big as lighthouses like many other places, it is still "like distilled water." It is the coordinates chosen by many young people to check-in virtual life.

If you are still wondering when to travel to Ha Long? How to prepare luggage? What are the notes when coming to Ha Long? So check it out right here! 

Hopefully, with the above self-sufficient Ha Long 2 days one-night travel itinerary, you have had some good experiences to apply in your upcoming trip. Come to Ha Long to see, be immersed in the clear blue sea, and feel all the wild beauty that nature has bestowed on this land. 

In addition, recently, Ha Long cruise is becoming a trend to be chosen by many tourists because of many advantages such as a flexible schedule with a day cruise, overnight train (2 days one night or three days two night), class service, different itinerary. So, you can also refer to this new form of travel for your trip! 

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