What is the best month to travel to Sapa?

Sapa - one of the famous leading destinations in Vietnam, attracts tourists by its majestic natural beauty and cultural features of the local people. So do you know which month is the most beautiful to travel to Sapa? See the article below to find the answer.

  1. Sapa weather overview
  2. What month should you travel to Sapa?
  3. Sapa tourism where to play, what to eat?

Sapa weather overview 

Sapa is a highland district in Lao Cai province, Vietnam. With an average altitude of 1.500m - 1.800m, Sapa's weather has many characteristics of a temperate zone, with temperatures ranging from 15-18℃. The climate here is excellent and fresh all year round. Perhaps for that reason, Sapa has become a beautiful tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. 

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