What is the best month to travel to Sapa?

Sapa - one of the famous leading destinations in Vietnam, attracts tourists by its majestic natural beauty and cultural features of the local people. So do you know which month is the most beautiful to travel to Sapa? See the article below to find the answer.

Sapa weather overview 

Sapa is a highland district in Lao Cai province, Vietnam. With an average altitude of 1.500m - 1.800m, Sapa's weather has many characteristics of a temperate zone, with temperatures ranging from 15-18℃. The climate here is excellent and fresh all year round. Perhaps for that reason, Sapa has become a beautiful tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. 

What month should you travel to Sapa? 

You can choose to travel to Sapa at any time of the year because each month has its beauty and uniqueness. Let's explore Sapa's weather and its unique features through the four seasons of the year.

  1. Spring (February - May)
  2. Summer (June - August)
  3. Autumn (September - November)
  4. Winter (From December to February of the solar calendar)

Spring (February - May) 

From March to May, the weather in Sapa is excellent and delightful. It is cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and very dry in the evening. When spring comes, Sapa seems to put on a colorful shirt. The forests are filled with the scent of peach blossom, apricot blossom, the valleys, the hillside, and the winding road stretching with all colors and the sweet fragrance of flowers and weeds. All of them are boldly majestic and very poetic of the Northwest mountains, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of visitors. At this time, the people of Sapa begin to sow and plant rice (April - May). If you come to Sapa at this time, you will admire the immense terraced fields, catch the image of farmers stooping to plant rice, all very idyllic and beautiful. 


Summer (June - August) 

According to Sapa's travel experience, June to August is ideal for those who want to escape the harsh, sweltering sun in the city. It is also a good chance for us to look for a relaxed and pleasant space to "start up" ourselves. As mentioned above, Sapa more or less has the nuances of the temperate zone. Therefore, if you come to Sapa in the summer, you will be immersed in the relaxed and fresh atmosphere. 

From June to July, Sapa is filled with the green, cool green of the forest and growing rice terraces. From the end of May to the middle of June, it is also when the trees begin to bear sweet fruit. Traveling to Sapa at this time, you will enjoy many attractive fruits of the cold country such as plums, peaches, apricots. 


Autumn (September - November) 

If someone asks, what is the most beautiful month to travel to Sapa? The answer is autumn from September to November. The weather in Sapa is delightful, cool, fresh, early in the morning, and cold at night. In mid-September or late September, Sapa is more prominent than ever. It has the ripe yellow rice color, stretching vastly over terraced fields, all over the mountains and hills, bringing a scene of enchanting beauty. The lens of photographers and all tourists when coming to Sapa in this season. 

From October to November, Sapa starts to turn cold. It is also the water season in Sapa so that the waterfall will flow strongly, very lively and majestic. From November onwards, it is winter, but it is not cold yet. Waking up in the morning, you will be surprised by the scene as if you are in a fairyland. All over the valleys floating clouds, the whole town seems to sink into the sea of ​​clouds, a magical beauty that only appears in pictures. Therefore, traveling to Sapa in November will also be an exciting choice and give you many memorable experiences.


Winter (From December to February of the solar calendar) 

From December to February, the weather in Sapa is frigid. There are places where it is still below zero, and it snows, especially at night and early in the morning. So, if you choose to travel to Sapa in December, don't forget to bring warm clothes, shoes, gloves, towels and woolen hats, so you don't get cold. Although the winter is harsh, you can feel the cold. Still, there is a miracle that always urges you to come to Sapa this season, which is to admire the image of white snow falling all over the roads. The terraced fields seem to be wearing new colors, not the green of young seedlings, the golden color of ripe rice, but instead the pure white of snow. This image seems to be very rare in Vietnam. Vietnam. However, the snowfall is not fixed, so to hunt snow, you need to monitor the weather forecast regularly. 

At the beginning of February, the flowers in Sapa begin to bloom, blooming everywhere. Sapa has once again changed into a new dress, brilliant in the colors of peach, apricot, plum, and many other flowers, all of which are like a beautiful picture to welcome visitors.


Sapa tourism where to play, what to eat?

What are the famous tourist spots in Sapa that tourists should visit? These are Stone Church, Ham Rong Mountain, Cat Cat Village, Ta Van, Ta Phin, Mount Fansipan, Love Waterfall, Muong Hoa Valley, etc. Each place has a different beauty contains its own stories, helping visitors understand more about this land. 

Besides, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy many delicious dishes in Sapa such as Salmon, kitchen buffalo meat, armpit pork, Sapa black chicken, cold vegetable dishes. Folk dishes Wild, simple but bring the breath of Sapa, making anyone who has ever enjoyed it will never forget. 

Through this sharing, you must have got the answer for when you should travel to Sapa, right? And to make a perfect plan for your trip to Sapa, besides choosing the right time to go, you also need to prepare full furniture, "draw" a schedule to visit, and have fun. Have safe and happy travels! 

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