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Are you planning to visit the beautiful town of the remote Northwest? But you don't know which vehicle to choose? If so, don't miss this article. Top Ten Reviews will reveal to you what is the most convenient way to go to Sapa.

  1. Means of transportation to Sapa

  2. Transportation in Sapa

  3. Book Sapa tour package

Transportation to Sapa Currently, the transportation system is increasingly developed, so moving to Sapa becomes easy and convenient. You can choose from many vehicles such as passenger cars, trains, motorbikes, personal cars, airplanes.
For places near Sapa, it is pretty easy to move. However, it will be more difficult for tourists living in remote provinces such as the Central or the South. Therefore, you need to move to Hanoi first. Then you can continue to Sapa.
Here is some basic information on widespread means of transportation to Sapa that you can refer to.

Means of transportation to Sapa

  • Shuttle Bus (Sleeper bus) 

It is one of the means of transportation to Sapa chosen by many tourists. Currently, there are types such as single and double beds. The shuttle bus to Sapa, with its large size and smooth running, helps passengers feel comfortable. 

Sapa is a famous scenic spot. Therefore, many bus operators also take advantage of this business opportunity, exploiting the route from Hanoi to Sapa. Well-known bus companies can be mentioned as Sapa Express, Inter Bus Line, Green Bus, Ha Son Hai Van, etc. Fares range from 180.000 VND - 500.000 VND (~7,84 - 21,78 USD) depending on the company. You should book a round-trip ticket in case the ticket is sold out. 

There are many travel time frames, but the best time is 22:00. Travel time from Hanoi to Sapa usually takes about 5 hours. Therefore, you should go in the evening so you can take advantage of the car's time to rest and arrive early in the morning and start exploring this place. 


  • Train 

Going to Sapa by train is also one of the reasonable options that many tourists choose because of its safety. You can move from stations in Hanoi to Lao Cai station, then choose a taxi or motorbike taxi to cross the pass to Sapa town. You can enjoy the scenery on the way different than when traveling by road vehicles. 

All trains traveling along the Hanoi - Lao Cai route move at night. A trip takes about 8 hours, departing at 21h30 and 22h. Every day two trains are leaving from Hanoi to Lao Cai and vice versa. 

You can refer to the train ticket prices of Sapaly Express, Victoria Express, Chapa Express. The price difference depends on the standard or premium class, sleeping or sitting, hard or soft seats from 180.000 VND - 250.000 VND (~7,84 - 10,89 USD).


  • Motorcycles, personal cars 

Traveling by private vehicle helps you to be more active and flexible in your Sapa trip. The first important thing when deciding to travel by motorbike or personal car is to determine the weather. Self-driving on a long and unfamiliar road is quite dangerous. Therefore, visitors should monitor and avoid going to Sapa in the rainy season, usually July or August. To find out the most suitable time to travel to Sapa, you can read the article "What is the best" month to travel to Sapa?" 

The main routes that you can choose are going in the direction of Lao Cai or the movement of Lai Chau. When going from Hanoi, the cost of gasoline for motorbikes is about 250.000 VND (~10,89 USD). For cars, when crossing these routes may have to be charged a toll. 


  • Planes 

For travelers who are far away, the plane is the first means of transport on their list. Traveling by aircraft helps tourists save a lot of time and money. 

To go to Sapa by plane, you will need to book a flight ticket to Hanoi. Then, from here, you can travel by car or train to the beautiful land of Sapa. There are many airlines with routes to Noi Bai airport: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, VietJet Air, Bamboo Airways. Therefore, the choices of visitors also become more diverse. 

Soon, you can fly to Lao Cai airport directly. Then from Lao Cai airport, visitors continue to move about 4km more to reach Sapa town. 

Transportation in Sapa 

After a long journey to Sapa, discovering this beautiful land is a worthy reward. To be able to visit the town, you can choose the means of transportation in Sapa as follows: 

  • Rent Motorcycles 

The motorcycle is one of the popular means of transportation in Sapa. Many tourists love and choose to ride a motorbike because they can freely explore every corner of this foggy town at their discretion. Motorcycles are also suitable for young people who love to explore, who have experience traveling to Sapa. You should go in groups so that you can support each other. Some motorbike rental addresses in Sapa you can refer to are:

- Mr. Chinh - 44 Fansipan - 0988 628 515. The rental price here is the cheapest, with only 80.000 VND (~3,48 USD).

- Long Sa Pa - Sa Pa town - 0989 423 018. The cost of the car is from 100.000 VND - 130.000 VND (~ 4,36 - 5,66 USD), depending on whether it is a scooter or a digital car. 

- Lao Cai Tourist Information Center - 2 Fansipan - you can rent a car with you to roam the roads in Sapa already only from 100.000 VND (~4,36 USD)/ car.

  • Rent a car 

Cars will be an appropriate means of transport for tourists traveling in groups. This method has the advantage that you will not need to worry much about the weather. However, one drawback of the car is that you can only use it to move outside. If you want to go deep into the villages, you will have to walk or rent a motorbike. The car rental price is only from 500.000 VND or more. 

Some reputable car rental addresses: 

- Vietnam Discovery Travel Company: 31 Xuan Vien Street, Sapa Town. Phone: 098 4353 577 - 0912410410. 

- Mai Long Tourism Company: Tran Phu Alley, Group 10, Nam Cuong Ward, City. Lao Cai. Phone: 0214.3.863.862 - 0868.333.883 

- Sa Pa May Hotel: 139 Thach Son Street, Sapa Town. Phone: 0829 607 412 - 094 17 17 888 

  • Walk 

Just walking to exercise while watching the whole majestic scenery is excellent. However, visitors need to have good health and necessary items to ensure during the walk. This form is also very convenient because you do not need to worry about the car's location, car theft, etc. However, walking will be suitable when you move between Sapa tourist attractions with close distances from each other. 

Book Sapa tour package 

To not have to worry or bother about travel, accommodation during your journey to Sapa. Visitors can choose to book a package tour to Sapa. The advantage of these tours is that all services are included: transportation to Sapa and during the journey, meals, Sapa hotel, sightseeing tickets, and guides along the route. Currently, there are many tour schedules for you to choose from: 2 days one night, three days two nights, five days four nights, six days five nights, etc. Each tour will have a different itinerary. So, depending on your individual needs, you can choose a suitable time for you. The price of the Sapa tour package currently ranges from 1.5 million VND - 6 million VND (~65,33 - 261,34 USD)/pax/guest. 

In addition, if you want to be free to visit, you can still book a Sapa travel combo. The advantage of this service package is that it includes transportation and hotel rooms, which are both convenient and economical. Besides, you can still freely explore this place to your liking without being constrained like when going on a package tour. 

Hopefully, the above article has helped you answer the question of what means of transport to go to Sapa. Wish you choose the right vehicle and have a memorable trip in Sapa! 

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