Best time to enjoy an exciting tour to Quang Binh Province Vietnam

What is the tourist season in Quang Binh? Quang Binh Province impresses tourists with the sunshine, breeze, and white sand stretches endlessly. Besides, friendly people always leave many good impressions for visitors when coming here. With each trip, the weather always has a significant influence on the schedule.

  1. Quang Binh climate
  2. Quang Binh weather in the dry season
  3. Quang Binh weather in the rainy season

Quang Binh climate

Like other places in Central Vietnam, Quang Binh also has two distinct seasons, rainy and sunny. You should come to Quang Binh from mid-March to August to fully explore this narrowest strip of Vietnam. 

Storms coming into Quang Binh usually focus on September, October. It would be best if you saw the weather forecast in advance to make a reasonable schedule.

The rainy season usually lasts from September to early March. Especially from September to October is the main rain of the year. The dry season falls from March to August each year. When the temperature reaches the highest of the year, the hot sun is the main thing from June to August.

Quang Binh weather in the dry season

Located in the humid tropical monsoon climate and affected by the hot, dry Laos wind, Quang Binh's dry season has a high temperature of approximately 38 - 40oC. The dry season usually lasts from April until August, resonating with the Lao wind to cause hot weather in Quang Binh. But on the contrary, the province is adjacent to the sea, which partly helps to cool the temperature a lot.

First, Nhat Le beach must be mentioned as a stop in every Quang Binh tour. Nhat Le beach is gentle, from which it blows a cool breeze to soothe the sweltering sun. In the afternoon, when the sun has subsided, it is also the time when people flock to Nhat Le beach to enjoy themselves.

Referring to Quang Binh is referring to Phong Nha cave. It is considered a great symbol of the unique culture of this central land. Although it is in the summer, many tourists still choose to explore Phong Nha cave. If you've ever been here, you certainly feel like standing between two different worlds. In front of the cave is a high level of heat, bright yellow sunlight. And behind the cave door is a cold air world.

Quang Binh weather in the rainy season

In stark contrast to summer, the rainy season brings people a bit of peace. Heavy rainfall falls from September to December every year. 

The air is cool and sometimes a little chilly. Quang Binh is caressed in each fragile mist. Occasionally, a few heavy showers of rain fell, causing the earth to be flooded.

Each season will have a different characteristic of natural scenery. Depending on your experience preferences, you should choose the most suitable Quang Binh tourist season.

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