The ideal time to travel to Ha Long

Ha Long is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the North of our country. Many domestic and international tourists have chosen this place as an ideal destination for their vacation. Here, you will experience countless exciting activities such as floating on the sea and admiring thousands of islands from a high-class Ha Long cruise, enjoying swimming, participating in water sports. In addition, it is a good chance for you to discover the people's lives in the unique floating fishing village or "ball around" the top amusement parks... Because Ha Long's weather changes quite a lot from month to month of the year and each period, there are different unique features, so please refer to the information shared in the article below to have the most convenient travel plan!

  1. Time to travel to Ha Long
  2. Notes when traveling to Ha Long in the rainy season
  3. Where to go to Ha Long to play, what to eat?
  4. Must-try dishes when traveling to Ha Long

Time to travel to Ha Long 

Traveling to Ha Long in any beautiful season is the biggest question of tourists planning to come here. It would help if you traveled to Ha Long in the summer, especially from April to June when the weather in Ha Long is sunny, almost no rain and not many tourists. In addition, the spring and autumn weather here is also relatively mild and excellent, suitable for your family's visit and rest. June to August is the peak time for Ha Long tourism because many families often combine the children's summer vacation with going on vacation and having fun. Services will skyrocket, the city is always crowded with tourists. In addition, July and August also often have storms and tropical depressions that cause rain and significantly affect sightseeing tourists and tourism activities here. Because Vietnamese tourists often choose Ha Long as a vacation destination. In the cold winter from late November to Tet, only foreign tourists visit the coastal city when the temperature in their country can drop. This place is truly a paradise to rest and enjoy a private and peaceful space in beautiful nature.


Notes when traveling to Ha Long in the rainy season 

Traveling to Ha Long in the rainy season, you will not be able to swim, sleep on the bay, and many other underwater experiences. Instead, it would help if you explored critical historical sites, places to visit, and fun indoors or enjoy a super attractive Ha Long food tour. In particular, with Ha Long weather on rainy days, you should prepare some necessary items below: 

  • Raincoats, umbrellas to prevent sudden rains 
  • Thin coats keep warm because the temperature often drops on rainy days, so the body is easy to catch a cold. 
  • Waterproof bag/backpack for storing necessary electronics and gadgets

Common medicines such as flu, runny nose, cough, headache, pain reliever, ...


Where to go to Ha Long to play, what to eat? 

The most famous Ha Long tourist attractions 

  • Ha Long Bay: with thousands of islands, large and small caves, and many exciting shapes creating an incredible natural world heritage complex that UNESCO has recognized many times. Not only that, exploring Ha Long Bay, you can also participate in many exciting activities such as kayaking, adventure climbing, caving,... 
  • Quang Ninh Museum: not only impresses with the architecture inspired by coal - the symbol of the mining land, but it also stores many historical documents of significant value to the country's history. Formation and development of Quang Ninh province, exhibition areas, souvenir rooms, and become prominent check-in places for young people. 

SunWorld Ha Long Park is one of the leading amusement park complexes in Vietnam, with ​​​​up to 214 hectares, including many different regions and games such as Typhoon Water Park, Ha Long Dragon Park, and especially the highest Sun Wheel in the world. 

Ha Long has many other attractive places for tourists to explore, so instead of having to plan and schedule a schedule yourself, you can book a package tour of Ha Long from a to z, carry your backpack and go. 

Must-try dishes when traveling to Ha Long 

Indeed it is impossible not to mention seafood. Ha Long seafood is vibrant and fresh with specialties only available in this place such as surface, crab, shrimp, bored, sea sam, snail, ... processed into many attractive dishes and unique. Grilled squid is also one of the favorite dishes of tourists and often buys as gifts for relatives and friends. However, you have to go to the correct address of 8 famous delicious - nutritious - cheap restaurants in Ha Long to enjoy the best quality specialties and reasonable prices. 

 Hopefully, the detailed information about Ha Long weather shared above has helped you shape and be ready to plan the best for your upcoming trip. 

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