Top 5 most beautiful and quality men's barber shops in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh

Women and men are also always looking for beautiful and quality barbershops to "send" their hair. The skills of the workers and the services at those salons partly determine the handsomeness of men. Don't worry too much about this! This article will send you some reputable barbershops in Ha Long. 

  1. Nguyen Thanh Barber Shop
  2. Salon Duy Tran
  3. Louis Barber Shop
  4. D.Barber Brothers
  5. HUGO Barber Shop

Nguyen Thanh Barber Shop 

Nguyen Thanh Barbershop at the top of the list of the most beautiful and quality men's barbershops in Ha Long, Quang Ninh is also understandable. Because of the efforts and training in working with the craftsmen, Nguyen Thanh Barber Shop has helped Nguyen Thanh Barber Shop gain an excellent reputation in the male hair industry in the market. Professional skills and dedicated service are the most contributing factors to the success of the Nguyen Thanh Barber Shop as it is today. 

Currently, on the market, many hot and artistic hairstyles require scissors to constantly update market trends and learn every day to meet customers' needs best row. But no matter what you do, it is not easy to make it difficult for the Nguyen Thanh Barber Shop workers. From the classic hairstyles that are classic and elegant hairstyles to the hairstyles that require high expertise, a little art, a little break, Nguyen Thanh Barber Shop also completes excellently. 

Services at Nguyen Thanh Barber Shop are diverse, including Barber combo, hair curling, coloring, black dyeing, exfoliating, hair removal, acne removal... In which Many customers choose the barber combo due to its popularity as well as its quality.

Specifically, the Barber combo includes: 

  • Rinse your hair Hairstyle consultation according to the face 
  • Cut styling with the barber. 
  • Shave and wash your face 
  • Styling wax/gum With the services at Nguyen Thanh Barber Shop, customers will have moments of outstanding experience, both relaxing comfortably and being able to own the hair they like, suitable for themselves. 



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