Top 5 popular barbershops for men on Phu Quoc Island

The need for beauty care no longer ceases to be the prerogative of women. Men also want to have an attractive, well-groomed appearance to have more confidence in daily life. Hair is inherently one of the parts that significantly influence a person's appearance and face. Therefore, the Baby Shop exclusively for men was born. And today's article will introduce to you the list of the five most popular men's barbershops in Phu Quoc.

Pro barbershop

At Pro barbershop, there is a wide variety of hairstyles for men's choice. From the style of dynamic young men to the gentlemen who prefer the classic and elegant, glossy or bare. They understand the preferences and personalities of customers, thereby creating the most suitable hairstyles for them.


Doing their best and serving our customers wholeheartedly to bring absolute satisfaction to customers, the shop has become a trusted address for many customers. A team of top barber workers promises to get customers in Phu Quoc many exciting experiences:

  • Catch up on the latest hair trends.
  • Use the latest modern technology in the world of men's hair care.
  • Professional, dedicated.
  • The space is very cool but friendly to bring the most comfortable feeling for customers.

Hoang Tu barbershop (The Prince barbershop)

Prince Barbershop will give gentlemen space to experience a perfect haircut with a space imbued with traditional barber style and skilled barbers. A combo of seven steps at Prince Barber Shop includes:

  • Wash your face, massage your skin to remove sebum,
  • Rinse your hair before cutting,
  • Advice on styling suitable for your face,
  • Cut and styled by a top stylist,
  • Shave your face
  • Hair wash after cutting
  • Wax claws 


Why should you choose Prince Barbershop?

  • Bring the gentleman culture experience!
  • Upgrade skills and service style continuously to ensure the most customer satisfaction
  • Create a comfortable but still close high-class space
  • The price is always public, adjusted to suit your pocket

My Thuat Hair Salon (Art Hair Salon)

On Phu Quoc Island, Art Hair Salon is also one of the most beautiful and prestigious men's barbershops, highly appreciated by many customers. With a thoughtful cutting and trimming service and many modern styling methods, you will surely get a good haircut when you come here.

Hair Salon Fine Art has the desire to bring you an intimate space where you can chat freely and do what you like. It is not simply a barbershop but also a place to exchange and make friends together.


Khang Nguyen barbershop 

Khang Nguyen barbershop is always one of the top names trusted by many people in Phu Quoc. The barbers always listen to the wishes and requirements of customers to give the most accurate advice, ensuring the final result is always absolutely perfect. The professional scissors at the shop will satisfy all your favorite hairstyles, from hip hop to styles that enhance your elegance and maturity.

Here, the hairdressers will recommend you the hairstyle carefully to best suit you. Although it is usually full of guests, the staff work very meticulously, carefully, and do not quickly get the quantity.


Rich barbershop

Rich barbershop is a specialized barbershop for men. It constantly updates the latest hairstyles suitable for your face. In particular, the salon owner is very enthusiastic. It is the comfort and enthusiasm that make it easy to create sympathy for those who cut for the first time.

Whoever you are, the barbershop will enthusiastically recommend you with all the passion and a high sense of responsibility. Therefore, it receives a lot of positive feedback about professionalism as well as good quality.


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