2021-08-16, 04:52

Top 10 Models of Innovative Ao Dai for Men

Besides the innovation of women's Ao Dai with all colors and designs, the Ao Dai men seems to be inferior when the colors and designs are somewhat more limited. But it's not that the innovation men's ao dai is not

2021-08-15, 17:11

Traditional Chinese costumes through the dynasties

Each country has its own costume. This is a way to express the culture and national beauty. With a culture of thousands of years of history, China has carved apart the traditional costumes. Let's learn about the Chinese

2021-08-13, 14:49

The difference between Ao dai and Cheongsam

Ao dai is the traditional costume of the Vietnamese people, while the cheongsam is the costume of the Chinese people. Lately, many Ao Dai innovators on our side make it more and more like cheongsam, and China is no

2021-08-13, 14:46

Ao Dai - the pride of Vietnam's national costume

Information about a Chinese fashion brand putting on the catwalk a collection called "renovation" of Vietnamese ao dai styles has made the public particularly interested and discussed.

2021-08-10, 23:12

The Non La (Palm-leaf conical hat) and the Ao Dai in Vietnamese Cultural Life

The Non La (Palm-leaf conical hat) and the Ao Dai have become a symbol of Vietnamese culture and the pride of the Vietnamese people.

2021-08-10, 05:38

Top 7 Best Vietnamese Souvenirs for Tourists

Besides the joy of discovering a different culture, taking beautiful pictures during the trip, tasting dishes imbued with Vietnamese identity, shopping will be a unique way to help tourists understand more about local

2021-08-09, 15:16

100 years of Vietnamese Clothing

"Vietnam Fashion Throughout the Years" depicts the most popular fashion trends among young women in northern Vietnam since the early twentieth century. Here are some of our favorite daily outfits and

2021-08-09, 14:52

Vietnamese Women's Clothing Through The Ages

Our country has gone through countless historical periods associated with specific developmental stages in cultural identity, customs, and habits. The costumes of the Vietnamese people in each period have created their

2021-08-02, 17:04

Top 7 famous addresses for sewing Ao Dai in Ho Chi Minh City

Although fashion trends change continuously every day, the traditional Ao Dai still retains its very own beauty. Most of the critical events in our life often wear ao dai such as graduation, anniversary, wedding, event.

2021-07-31, 16:31

The History of Vietnamese 'Ao dai'

Ao Dai has long been a traditional costume and a typical cultural feature of the Vietnamese nation. Through each period of development of history, Ao Dai is constantly changing but still respecting the conventional