Top 7 Best Vietnamese Souvenirs for Tourists

Besides the joy of discovering a different culture, taking beautiful pictures during the trip, tasting dishes imbued with Vietnamese identity, shopping will be a unique way to help tourists understand more about local people's habits and ways of living. It is interesting to choose the traditional Ao Dai for yourself and buy Non la headband or silk fabric as a gift. There are countless souvenirs that visitors can consider buying when coming to Vietnam.
Below is a list of 7 souvenirs, the final vote on tourists "Cityguidepass" page. With this list, you will know that when coming to Vietnam, souvenirs are considered the most meaningful and valuable in the eyes of foreign friends.

  1. Non La (Nón Lá)
  2. Ao Dai
  3. Silk
  4. Hand embroidery
  5. Wood clogs
  6. Sand picture
  7. T-shirt

Non La (Nón Lá) 

Non La is a symbol of the culture of the Vietnamese nation. A Vietnamese woman wears a conical hat on her head as a beautiful image of a gentle and poetic woman. Not only is it a symbolic gift, but the conical hat also has practical functions and is an indispensable item of the Vietnamese people.

The familiar conical hat with a funnel structure, helping to protect from rain and sun, always promotes its effect. The conical hat itself will also have many different types because of each region. For example, the conical hat of the Tay people will have a different color when it is slightly ivory white, in Thanh Hoa will only use 20 frames rim. The original Hue conical hat will be thinner and look more elegant and lighter, while on the contrary, it will be thicker if the cap is made in Binh Dinh.


Ao Dai

Since the 18th century, the Ao Dai has been honored to become the national costume of Vietnam. To this day, there are still 3 different styles of Ao Dai

It is a traditional long dress with a dotted length, sewn to fit a woman's body, with ruched lines and slits at the waist, creating a triangular area just enough to show off the wearer's complexion. Innovative Ao Dai with two shortened lapels, just below the knee, making it convenient to move and suitable for wearing on many different occasions. The wedding dress is more formal than the traditional ao dai with embroidered or hand-attached parts to help enhance the elegance and splendor of the bride on the wedding day. 



In Vietnam, designer Nguyen Cong Tri used the famous Lanh My A silk material in his collection no 08 - "Rice," and the group was also exhibited in Japan. 

There are many shops or production facilities that sell pure silk made from 100% natural silk. This luxurious and noble material really has great value, and it is not difficult to realize it. In addition, there are many different silk materials on the Vietnamese market, with prices ranging from affordable to extreme. Regardless, this is also considered a valuable gift when tourists come to Vietnam to buy gifts for relatives and friends at home.


Hand embroidery 

The skilled craftsmanship of Vietnamese artisans is always something that makes foreign tourists feel admiration and respect. Hand embroidery is an art form that has existed for a long time. Over time, the artists have perfected themselves the best skills to create the most elaborate and meticulous works of art. Hand-embroidered paintings with hundreds of thousands of multi-colored embroidery stitches meticulously sewn on a silk cloth and stretched on a frame made of precious wood are of great value.

Hand-embroidered paintings are often inspired by nature, daily life, or even portraits of the buyer. Tourists coming to Vietnam can also order a gift for themselves, where the content and ideas are conveyed to the artisans by visitors. After a short period of about 1 week, customers were able to receive their souvenirs. That is why hand-embroidered paintings are often not of low value. 


Wood clogs

Wooden clogs are a type of traditional shoes for our grandparents in the past. After many years of heroic history, Vietnam retains his father's identity and history with the conventional "specialty" trio of ao dai, conical hat, and wooden clogs. Whether a woman attends ethnic events or cultural exchanges with other countries, it is easy to see that they all carry these 3 items to convey Vietnamese girls' national pride and graceful beauty.

Today's wooden clogs are still preserved as part of the nation's history, and there are still many craftsmen making them. However, they are no longer widely used because their performance cannot compete with other types of footwear. Tourists today can still admire the wooden clogs when participating in cultural and artistic performances such as Cai Luong and Ca Tru. Wooden clogs as souvenirs for foreign tourists, why not?


Sand picture 

Not the kind of sand picture for kids to play at a bookstore. Sand painting is an art form using different sand dyed and arranged into an image, all placed in a large glass box or a glass vase. Layers of colored sand are arranged to create an art picture with meticulous and delicate beauty. Artists often take a while to perfect a sand painting. Like hand-embroidered paintings, sand paintings are of great value because it takes a lot of work to complete. 

There are 4 different themes exploited in the art of sand painting in Vietnam: portraits, beautiful natural scenes, scenes of human activities, and traditional calligraphy. 


T-shirts printed with Vietnam's national flag are considered as an affordable and practical gift in the list of things to buy for foreign tourists when coming to Vietnam. 

These yellow starred flag t-shirts are even sold on Amazon, the largest trading site in the US. What could be more practical than shopping for T-shirts as souvenirs when visiting that country. If you have foreign friends who are about to visit Vietnam and are still wondering what to buy as a practical souvenir at an affordable price, remember these t-shirts. At least when you buy it at Ben Thanh Market as a souvenir, it will still be much cheaper than the price listed on Amazon; $ 20 for a t-shirt is too expensive! 


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