Top 7 famous addresses for sewing Ao Dai in Ho Chi Minh City

Although fashion trends change continuously every day, the traditional Ao Dai still retains its very own beauty. Most of the critical events in our life often wear ao dai such as graduation, anniversary, wedding, event. However, not everyone can easily sew a shirt that fits well and is dignified.

  1. Ao Dai Tien
  2. Ao Dai Minh Thu
  3. Ao Dai Hanh
  4. Ao Dai My Hanh
  5. Ao Dai Cam Tu
  6. Uncle Ba's Ao Dai
  7. Ao Dai Thuy Linh

Therefore, let's take a look at 7 of the most beautiful Ao Dai sewing addresses in Ho Chi Minh City right through this article.

Ao Dai Tien

Located in the alley of Le Duc Tho street - Go Vap district, Tien Ao Dai Tailor has been born and developed for more than 40 years. Many people also know this brand as the most prestigious shop specializing in tailoring ao dai in Vietnam. 

Coming to Ao Dai Tien, customers can tailor their wedding dresses, uniform ao dai, middle-aged ao dai, party ao dai with various designs, beautiful designs, skillful sewing, meticulous to every little detail. Not only that, with an affordable price that is suitable for people's pockets, Tien Ao Dai is very popular with Saigon women.

In addition, the owner's professional, attentive and enthusiastic service style and home tailoring service are a big plus, helping this shop make a good impression on customers.

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