Top 5 Best Tattoo Shop & Artists in Ho Chi Minh City

Do you intend to get a tattoo for the first time to mark a beautiful memory, an indelible mark in your life, a concept, your philosophy of life, or simply for the sake of art? So let's take a look at the most beautiful and prestigious tattoo art addresses in Ho Chi Minh City!

Where to get tattoo in Ho Chi Minh City ?

  1. SaigonTattoo Club

SaigonTattoo Club


Known as one of the oldest tattoo art addresses in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Tattoo Club has a team of Artists possessing high technical and fine art skills with the working motto: "Dedicated, meticulous. in each work, because each tattoo has an essential meaning to the customer."

Artist Bo Tree founded Saigon Tattoo Club, one of the rare Artists in Vietnam who is a member of the Cheyenne Tattoo Team (Germany's No. 1 tattoo company). He specializes in performing tattoos at major Tattoo festivals organizations at home and abroad.


Gathering many talented Artists through many years of operation, Saigon Tattoo Club is trusted and sponsored by significant tattoo machine and ink companies globally, including Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment (Germany) and the company. Radiant Colors ink (USA).

Saigon Tattoo Club has made thousands of beautiful and meaningful tattoos for customers with many categories: Text tattoos, mini tattoos, pattern tattoos, Maori tattoos, portrait tattoos, flower tattoos for women, style tattoos European, Asian way for men, cover tattoo, cover scar.

This place also provides various services, including Tattoo art, Body piercing, Tattoo removal, Supplying wholesale and retail piercing tools of all kinds. Customers will easily choose many benefits such as: only at Saigon Tattoo Club.

In particular, Studio with an excellent green space will bring a different and comfortable experience to customers. The criteria of hygiene and ensuring health are always the number one priority in all activities of Saigon Tattoo Club. Tools and equipment are invested very carefully, originating from European and American countries to ensure absolute hygiene and safety.

One of the outstanding advantages of SaigonTattoo Club is entirely free tattoo design and consultation support based on the wishes and ideas of customers, giving customers the best tattoos.

Best tattoo artist Ho Chi Minh

P/s : Tattoo prices Ho Chi Minh City ? (Prices range from $300 to $1,000 depending on the piece.)

Micae Tattoo & Piercing


With many years of experience in tattoo art, Micae Tattoo & Piercing is always proud to be one of the prestigious and long-standing tattoo addresses in Vietnam. This Saigon tattoo shop has trained and taught many passionate artists about art tattoos. 

With their youth, many years of experience in the profession, and their enthusiasm, the team of artists at Micae Tattoo & Piercing constantly learn and improve their skills to create more beautiful, more delicate works of art for customers' world. 

Micae Tattoo & Piercing always strictly guarantee the absolute safety of equipment in cosmetic tattooing. Not only that, every year, artists also participate in influential competitions in the industry to update and hone each other's skills.

When you come to Miae Tattoo & Piercing, you will be consulted directly by tattoo artists and sketch out tattoo designs according to your requirements and preferences. Along with that, there are attractive incentives with reasonable prices. In particular, after tattooing, you are also advised very carefully about the steps to care for and preserve the new tattoo and the skin after tattooing in the most reasonable way to help the skin regenerate quickly. The image reaches a sharp level in nature.

Tattoo Tadashi


The leading artist at this Ho Chi Minh tattoo shop is Trung Tadashi. After graduating from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts, he went to Japan for five years to practice and hone his skills in Asian art. After that, he returned to Vietnam and started approaching tattoo art in June 2007.

Since then, he has produced many quality tattoo artworks that customers always appreciate. In 2013, Mr. Trung Tadashi participated in the Vietnam Tattoo Convention 2013 contest and won many high prizes. In 2014, he joined the jury of the Vietnam Tattoo Convention 2014. By October 2015, Trung Tadashi was the first Vietnamese to participate in the Nordle Ink Festival tattoo festival held in Denmark - Europe. He won the second prize in the "Best Tattoo of the Day" category.

He has proven to friends worldwide that Vietnamese tattoo art has reached a new level, more beautiful, more skillful, and more professional with his efforts and efforts.

  • Address: 283/1 Pham Ngu Lao, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCMC
  • Phone: 0839 202 782 (reception)
  • Hotline: 0918 659 068 (Ms.Thu)
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

Do Nhan Tattoo Studio


Do Nhan Tattoo Studio is a prestigious professional tattoo shop established in 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City by Artist Do Nhan. This place specializes in performing artistic tattoos to 3D tattoos with many different styles to suit each customer's preferences.

Tattoo artists at Do Nhan Tattoo are all famous tattoo artists in Saigon, who love tattoo art, have many years of experience. Each tattoo is created with all enthusiasm and creativity—the rest of the tattooists.

Because the tattoo market is growing and becoming more complex, most customers are not aware of reputable tattoo parlors in Saigon, so customers inevitably encounter poor tattoo places. Quality, leading to unartistic tattoos that are offensive to the viewer. Therefore, Do Nhan Tattoo Studio has also developed a service to fix damaged, damaged, and bad tattoos to meet customers' needs and regain the trust of customers and a different view of society towards them. Artistic tattoo.

Do Nhan Tattoo Studio operates based on customers' criteria and always puts the interests of customers first, so it is trusted and frequented by many customers. The tattooists here are meticulous about every needle, even if the customer only tattooed a small tattoo. You will be fully consulted by tattoo artists about tattoos and especially after tattooing when you come here. , help the image heal quickly and get the best color

Minh Tu Tattoo


As a beautiful tattoo shop located in the center of Saigon, Minh Tu Tattoo is one of the most famous tattoo locations. With skillful hands and aesthetic eyes, tattoo artists will bring excellent works to you.

When coming to Minh Tu Tattoo, customers will receive free, professional advice on tattoos by tattoo artists here to best suit each person's personality. Along with a tattoo art room that meets medical safety standards, all equipment is currently imported from the world's leading tattoo industry countries, so every finished artwork is always sharp and natural meets all the criteria set by the customer.

Minh Tu Tattoo will help you highlight all that you wonder about and strive to perfect it under a single suitable design with each work. It is your style, also the artistic voice of Minh Tu Tattoo: Thorough, unique, and authentic.

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