2021-08-06, 10:39

Top 5 Saigon bookstores of quality to immerse yourself

If you are a book lover, surely you will not want to miss these top 5 most prominent Saigon bookstores below. You can come there to be inundated with new fragrant books or shopping for cute stationery items and

2021-08-06, 05:02

Top 15 best English centers in Ho Chi Minh City

Currently, in Ho Chi Minh City, there are more than 1000 English training centers. Finding a reputable and reliable address suitable for individual learning needs is not easy. Top Ten Reviews would like to summarize the

2021-08-02, 16:17

Water Puppet in Ho Chi Minh City: Presenting schedule and Ticket price

Water puppetry in Ho Chi Minh City currently has a few remaining locations, maintaining and preserving traditional national cultures such as the Golden Dragon Theatre, the Museum of History of Ho Chi Minh City, or

2021-08-01, 15:06

Top 5 Best Tattoo Shop & Artists in Ho Chi Minh City

Do you intend to get a tattoo for the first time to mark a beautiful memory, an indelible mark in your life, a concept, your philosophy of life, or simply for the sake of art? So let's take a look at the most beautiful

2021-07-29, 14:39

Saigon Vegetarian food: 10 favorite restaurants not to miss

Veganism is not just a fad or a habit of some people. Healthy and frugal meals are becoming a favorite of many people. Let's look at the delicious vegetarian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city with quality food and a