Top 5 Saigon bookstores of quality to immerse yourself

If you are a book lover, surely you will not want to miss these top 5 most prominent Saigon bookstores below. You can come there to be inundated with new fragrant books or shopping for cute stationery items and souvenirs. Check out the list now.

  1. Kim Dong Book Center

Kim Dong Book Center

Kim Dong Book Center works like a miniature publishing house of Kim Dong in the heart of bustling Saigon.

Kim Dong Book Center has a free reading area for all visitors, so you can choose to buy books or stop to read. Neat, eye-catching, airy, and beautiful space is a big plus for this Saigon bookstore.

Every weekend, you can freely drop by to hear stories from writers and artists and receive many attractive gifts. Moreover, you can even request to witness the process by which a Kim Dong book is published. The staff here are always gentle, pleasant, and friendly.

Ebook Bookstore

Ebook is ranked at the top of Saigon bookstores, highly appreciated by customers thanks to bookstores' cozy space. All books are arranged on clean, rustic yellow wooden shelves, neatly arranged.

Ebook has more than 10 thousand different titles for readers to easily choose from and provide a full range of pens, painting tools, stationery for learning needs, cute and lovely souvenirs.

At Ebook, there is a separate space for readers to come and enjoy books and a small coffee shop with pastries to sip while reading. In addition, Ebook also organizes talks with speakers and some other exciting events.

Fahasa Tan Dinh Bookstore

As soon as you step up the high ladder to enter the Fahasha Tan Dinh Saigon Bookstore, customers will be surprised to enter a "palace." The electric lights here are installed around the ceiling, shimmering and sparkling. Some areas will have red carpets, and others will have wooden floors that are very suitable and outstanding.

The bookstore has two floors, with an escalator to go upstairs. It is spacious, with many bookshelves arranged throughout. The arched bookshelves intertwine the modern and ancient features interestingly. Some areas will have a red carpet, and others will have wooden floors that are very suitable and outstanding.

Another plus point is that service staff here are amicable, enthusiastic about guiding and giving us shopping advice.

Ca Chep Bookstore

Carp bookstore is one of the bookstores that is highly appreciated for its modernity in space. Customers will be fascinated because of the elegant decoration and layout.

At the Ca Chep Saigon Bookstore, there are thousands of titles of national literature, foreign languages, etc. They are placed on black bookshelves erected high on the wall for readers to read freely. There are also areas where books are arranged on very fancy and exciting arc-shaped shelves.

This place also has a dedicated reading cafe to enjoy a book in a light and calm atmosphere. Occasionally, this place is used to organize talks, book launches, and author meetings.

  • Address: No.223, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 024 3994 7159
  • Website:

Artbook Bookstore

The bookstore's name partly speaks to the characteristics of Artbook Saigon Bookstore. It is a store specializing in art, design, and fashion books that are extremely beautiful, genuine, and diverse for you to choose from.

Books are arranged on large white shelves, clearly divided into sections. Besides, there are a lot of decorations, stationery, souvenirs, etc. You can stay here all day to discover all the corners of the store.

In addition, there are many foreign-language books for readers. Mainly there are many quality foreign-language books on fine arts and aesthetics.

Sometimes the brand will hold book fairs to display all the best book titles for your experience.

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