Top 10 Models of Innovative Ao Dai for Men

Besides the innovation of women's Ao Dai with all colors and designs, the Ao Dai men seems to be inferior when the colors and designs are somewhat more limited. But it's not that the innovation men's ao dai is not beautiful; the ten beautiful and masculine models of the Ao Dai men below with various colors and designs will help you choose a men's innovation ao dai easier.

Choosing the suitable Ao Dai model must surely make many men wonder. Here are ten specific suggestions to help guys easily select a suitable innovative Ao Dai.

  1. Blue Innovative Ao Dai Men

Blue Innovative Ao Dai Men

Plain Blue Ao Dai

The plain blue men's Ao Dai with simple and raw fabric brings sophistication and lightness to men. The shirt has decorative buttons on the chest and cuffs, the unique blue-violet border; the design of the 4-piece shirt brings a thick look, adding to the masculinity for men.

Men's innovative Ao Dai with a combination of white and blue

The unique breakthrough when combining white and blue colors with fancy textured and blue brocade materials brings a fashionable but equally graceful and elegant beauty. The innovation of men's Ao Dai also makes men more prominent and attractive on the Tet holiday.

Innovative blue Ao Dai with wave pattern

The innovation of Ao Dai men design with blue color creates a solid and elegant beauty but equally gentle. Repeated wave pattern covers the bodice, turtleneck, and light, smooth blue arms. The design is both fashionable and luxurious for the wearer.

White Innovative Ao Dai For Men

  1. Innovative Ao Dai For Men with Dragon Pattern
  2. Innovative Ao Dai For Men with Red Hem
  3. Innovative Ao Dai with crane embroidery
  4. Innovative Ao Dai with floral embroidery

Innovative Ao Dai For Men with Dragon Pattern

Design of men's Innovative Ao Dai in white brocade material with a modern, eye-catching collar. With a delicate and gentle procedure with a white track, it is equally solid and fashionable with a wavy pattern on the bodice. Overall gives the default person background and tenderness.

Innovative Ao Dai For Men with Red Hem

The men's Innovative Ao Dai, with the combination of two primary colors of a white and red flag, is highly fashionable and outstanding. The unique color scheme is when red is bordered by the neckline and pulled down the middle of the shirt. The overall look brings a modern, youthful look but no less attractive.

Innovative Ao Dai with crane embroidery

The innovative design of white men's white Ao Dai with high-quality thick material creates a solid and elegant figure. The simple design shirt with crane embroidery motifs all over the body, dragon, and crane details on the ao dai help men exude a solid and powerful attraction. The dress is simple but makes you stand out and extremely attractive.

Innovative Ao Dai with floral embroidery

The innovative white Ao Dai with embroidered flower motifs is not cheesy but gives you a masculine look that is equally gentle. The shirt is covered with a pattern on one side, a plain white flap, and embroidered flowers on the chest make the design more prominent and elegant.

Innovative Red Ao Dai For Men

  1. Plain red innovative Ao Dai
  2. Red organza Innovative Ao Dai Men
  3. Innovative red Ao Dai with dragon pattern

Plain red innovative Ao Dai

The design of men's solid red Ao Dai is extremely elegant and luxurious, with a unique design with one side along the button sewn in brocade fabric with a majestic and fancy flying dragon motif. It gives you a solid masculine look but no less modern youthfulness.

Red organza Innovative Ao Dai Men

The innovative New Year's Ao Dai for men with brilliant red organza material brings the wearer the perfect shape and elegant masculinity. Adding a low neckline exudes a beautiful charm for men; this will be a suitable but straightforward design for the upcoming Tet holidays.

Innovative red Ao Dai with dragon pattern

The men's red Ao Dai is exceptionally vibrant, with a large dragon pattern winding along the front of the shirt and decorative details at the neckline of the sleeve to bring a luxurious and powerful look to the men. Adding a black border at the collar adds a fashionable and youthful look to the design.

How to choose the right innovative Ao Dai men

What criteria are given to choose an innovative Ao Dai suitable for guys? Please refer to the requirements below.

  1. Show masculinity
  2. Comfortable, just the right size

Show masculinity

Ao Dai is inherently associated with women's femininity, so the design must enhance men's solid and masculine features for men's ao dai.

The innovative Ao Dai men details should not be cumbersome or sophisticated; minimalism brings more elegance and politeness. Decorative details often used in trendy men's ao dai are usually: dragon and phoenix, cranes, clouds and waves, even embroidered flowers, but will be moderated so that the shirt is not cheesy.

The material determines the style of the Ao Dai, especially the men's Ao Dai; the more critical it is when the shirt's shape helps men become more masculine and attractive. Should choose thick materials, bring the perfect standing form such as brocade, organza ... avoid thin silk, chiffon, lace materials.

Comfortable, just the right size

In addition to exuding masculinity for men, an innovative Ao Dai for men needs to be comfortable to wear, have a moderate width, and have a solid and beautiful shape. High-quality materials such as brocade, organza are not only beautiful but also bring comfort, the ability to absorb sweat and not cause problems for men, so choose materials carefully because only when you wear them comfortably. Only then can you be confident and thereby create your attractiveness.

Men's innovative Ao Dai will be the perfect choice for Tet holidays, important wedding days, helping men be more prominent and attractive, and keeping their masculinity and being elegant enough. Therefore, every male friend can't be without an innovative Ao Dai in the wardrobe.

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