2022-02-11, 07:25

5 Best traditional foods in Vietnamese Lunar New Year

In Vietnam, the atmosphere of Lunar New Year is not only manifested by yellow apricot blossoms, red parallel sentences but also by dishes. These dishes are so occasional and unique that just by looking at them, people

2021-08-22, 16:04

Top 5 best places to study Vietnamese in Hanoi

Every year, many foreigners come to Vietnam to work and live, increasing year by year. Most will need to learn Vietnamese because it is an important key to help foreigners break the language barrier. From there, it is

2021-08-04, 17:43

Phở - The essence of Vietnamese cuisine

When talking about Vietnamese food, perhaps pho is the name that always comes to mind first. Pho is a prevalent dish in Vietnam and is praised by many people. Although it is not a rare dish, the taste of pho always

2021-08-03, 12:36

Banh Chung (Sticky rice cake) - The soul of Vietnamese traditional New Year

Chung cake is a traditional cake of the Vietnamese people to express the gratitude of the descendants to their ancestors and the land. Chung cake is an indispensable cake in the traditional Tet holiday of Vietnamese