Top 5 best places to study Vietnamese in Hanoi

Every year, many foreigners come to Vietnam to work and live, increasing year by year. Most will need to learn Vietnamese because it is an important key to help foreigners break the language barrier. From there, it is easier to communicate and work in Vietnam. This plays an essential role in success at work. However, many of you still do not know where to learn Vietnamese for foreigners so that you can achieve the fastest effect. The following article will provide information about the 5 best Vietnamese language teaching centers for foreigners in Hanoi.



Vietnamese Language Center 123VIETNAMESE is highly appreciated by experts in the field of linguistics. This is one of the pioneering units in teaching Vietnamese to foreigners in our country. The teaching staff at the center are very enthusiastic and have many years of experience. These are lecturers from Universities of Social Sciences & Humanities, University of Foreign Languages, University of Pedagogy. The courses at the center are thoroughly researched and designed to best suit each student, from beginner to advanced levels. Another merit point in mind is the flexible time based on the students' wishes. 

123VIETNAMESE is always fully equipped for the classroom with modern teaching facilities to achieve the best results for students. The center also provides tutoring services at home and at work. This will help students save time while still ensuring high results. If you are worried because you have not found a reputable Vietnamese language center for foreigners in Hanoi, then 123VIETNAMESE Vietnamese Language Center is the place for you. 


Contact Infomation: 

  • Address: 91 Trung Kinh Ward, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi 
  • Hotline: 0963229475 
  • Website:

Center for Applied Linguistics and Vietnamese Language

The Center for Applied Linguistics and Vietnamese Language is a unit under the Department of Linguistics, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU. The critical task of the center is applied research and teaching of the Vietnamese language and culture of Vietnam. Besides, it organizes exams and grants Vietnamese certificates to students from abroad. The center is the place to carry out the procedures for applying for and extending visas for foreigners who register to study Vietnamese here.

Currently, the Center for Applied Linguistics and Vietnamese Language regularly organizes training courses in Vietnamese under two main programs:

  • Vietnamese Express (over 2 months) 
  • Vietnamese language and Vietnamese culture (Over 3 months)

The teaching staff at the center have all undergone formal training and have many years of experience in teaching Vietnamese. This is the top quality and prestigious Vietnamese language teaching center for foreigners in Hanoi that you can study. 


Contact Information:

  • Address: 3rd floor (P.301-307) Building A - 336 Nguyen Trai - Thanh Xuan - Hanoi 
  • Hotline: 03 5588 603 
  • Email: 
  • Website:

Faculty of Vietnamese Studies – Hanoi National University of Education 

Faculty of Vietnamese Studies - Hanoi National University of Education regularly organizes programs to teach Vietnamese and special topics about Vietnam for people from abroad. These courses were established to introduce more images of Vietnamese people and distinctive culture to international friends. Vietnamese here is classified according to specific specialties, and depending on the requirements of students, you can choose the appropriate class.

We will surely bring students the most exciting lessons with a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors. However, some students responded that the center was a bit lacking in practice time in class. But if you really work hard to practice at home, you can definitely make the most of the knowledge learned at this Vietnamese language teaching center for foreigners in Hanoi. 

Contact Information:

  • Address: 136 Xuan Thuy, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi 
  • Hotline: 02437547823 
  • Website:

Dang Minh Tutoring Center

Dang Minh Tutoring Center is a famous unit in the field of providing 1-on-1 tutoring services. With this form of learning, students can acquire knowledge most intuitively and effectively. From there, it is possible to shorten the maximum time to learn Vietnamese. The tutors at the center are all carefully selected, all of whom have many years of experience and possess in-depth language knowledge. It is not surprising that Dang Minh is always considered one of the most worthy Vietnamese language teaching centers for foreigners in Hanoi.

Not only learning languages, but tutors at Dang Minh are also a bridge to help students understand more about the culture of Vietnam. Through conversations and extracurricular activities, students will have a new perspective on the S-shaped country. 


Contact Information:

  • Address: 22nd floor of Kim Van Kim Lu apartment building - Dai Kim - Hoang Mai 
  • Hotline: 097.948.1988 
  • Website:

HACO translation company 

HACO specializes in Vietnamese language training for students from abroad to Vietnam and those who do business and travel. Regarding the form of learning, the company will accept to teach individuals who come to register at the Center or teach under contracts for organizations and agencies. The small class model with the number of students is only about 1-5 students in a class. From there, it is possible to ensure that all learners are interested and enthusiastic in teaching. Students also have the opportunity to practice right in the classroom. 

Besides, the price of studying at HACO is considered quite reasonable compared to the quality offered. If you have any questions, you can also contact the company's hotline to receive the best support. This is a prestigious and high-quality Vietnamese language teaching center for foreigners in Hanoi, chosen by many students. 

Contact Information: 

  • Address: Alley 68 Nguyen Nhu Kon Tum, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi 
  • Hotline: 0983 820 520 | 024 3554 3604 
  • Email: 
  • Website: 

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