Best Pick: Review Top 10 English Centers in Hanoi

Which English center in Hanoi should I choose? I suggest to you the Top 10 prestigious Hanoi English centers with good quality to practice English ability. Follow the article below!

  1. Ocean Edu Ha Noi
  2. Ha Noi Res
  3. Apollo Ha Noi
  4. Apax English Center
  5. Ames English Center
  6. Langmaster English Center
  7. Acet English Center
  8. Pasal
  9. Jaxtina
  10. GLN

Ocean Edu Ha Noi

Ocean Edu Ha Noi owns more than 100 centers nationwide, successfully trains over 1,000,000 students in more than 13 years of operation. Significantly, over 90% of students return to use training services. Also, many prestigious awards in education are impressive achievements that help Ocean Edu become a large-scale and prestigious international English center system in Vietnam.

In addition, Ocean Edu is also one of the few English centers authorized to organize the Cambridge International Examination and Certificate with the code VN048. Then they become one of the official partners to arrange the IELTS test with British Council and IDP.

  • Heading Office: No.204, Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Quang Trung Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 1900 6494
  • Website:

Ha Noi Res

RES is a prestigious Hanoi English center known for quality IELTS training courses. They ensure the output score according to the student's aspirations. 

What makes Hanoi Res a good choice:

  • Exclusive, scientific, and logical curriculum, designed to follow the curriculum of the Ministry of Education
  • Modern facilities, investment-focused.
  • A large number of native teachers graduating from top universities in the world


Tuition: 4,815,000 VND – 11,000,000 VND (209,28$ - 478,11$)

Typical courses include:

  • IELTS test preparation
  • TOEIC course
  • English communication preparation cours

Apollo Ha Noi

Apollo is one of the oldest English centers in Vietnam with international standard training quality. It is also the most senior English center in Hanoi.

Typical advantages include:

  • The teaching curriculum follows international standards with 100% foreign lecturers
  • Facilities meet international standards
  • The most exclusive and effective Global Citizenship Training System (AGLS) available today

Tuition: 7.900.000 VNĐ – 21.600.000 VNĐ (343,37$ - 938,83$)

Typical courses include:

  • English for children course
  • English Communication
  • TOEIC practice
  • IELTS practice


Apax English Center

Apax English is one of the English centers trusted by many parents with excellent teaching quality. Apax not only improves the ability to use English in practice but also develops creative thinking skills. As a result, they will apply it in solving everyday situations in life and improve their initiative.

  • 100% of foreign teachers have international certificates in teaching English
  • Applying modern educational technology in teaching
  • Unique curriculum designed with impressive artworks

Tuition: 7.500.000 VNĐ – 30.000.000 VNĐ (304,25$ - 1303,93$)

Typical courses include:

  • I – Garten
  • Apax English by April
  • Apax English 4.0

Ames English Center

Unlike other English centers in Hanoi, Ames has applied a curriculum using artificial intelligence technology to help students achieve high learning efficiency.

Ames is the first English center in Hanoi to include in the curriculum of the Singapore education system. This program will help students understand and remember English vocabulary like a native. Besides, the unique Active English model will help students learn at their own pace and ability.

Tuition: 8.000.000 VNĐ – 20.000.000 VNĐ (347,72$ - 869,29$)

Typical courses include:

  • English for children
  • English Communication for students
  • English for workers


Langmaster English Center

Langmaster is an English center in Hanoi with strengths in training communication skills with unique teaching methods.

The unique feature of Langmaster compared to other Hanoi English centers is the different learning model called 4CE Club, Conference, Class, E-learning, Community. They will allow students to interact in the English environment anytime, anywhere, and improve their English skills. It helps students learn English to communicate comprehensively and best.

Tuition: 3.870.000 VNĐ – 5.400.000 VNĐ (168,21$ - 234,71$)

Typical courses include:

  • Starter
  • Foundation
  • Confidence
  • Efficiency

Acet English Center

Referring to Academic English, students cannot ignore Acet with more than 15 training experiences in this field.

Hanoi Acent English Center's most perfect commitment when students come to Acet is an Australian standard curriculum and a team of professional teachers. 80% of Acet students have IELTS scores of 6.0 or higher and won prestigious scholarships. As a result, global career opportunities for you will be more open than ever.

Some advantages are:

  • The center is managed by the international educational organization IDP Education
  • Professional teachers from many countries Australia, UK, USA, Canada
  • International study pathway

Tuition: 18.250.000 VNĐ (793,23$)

Typical courses include:

  • Academic English
  • Courses for Entrepreneurs
  • IELTS practice



Pasal is an English-speaking and listening center in Hanoi famous for its highly effective and different reflective learning methods.

Hanoi Pasal English Center offers students the leading Effortless English method in the world. The process of learning English will be exploited naturally, helping students to form and enhance their reflective thinking. From there, communicating in English will become more accessible and more fluent than ever.

Significantly, the Pronunciation Workshop will help students overcome difficulties when familiarizing themselves with English - pronunciation. Students will learn through each pair of sounds and focus on the mouth, tongue, and breath placement. As a result, students will be trained to pronounce the most similar to native speakers.

Tuition: 2.000.000 VNĐ – 3.800.000 VNĐ (86,93$ - 165,16$)

Typical courses include:

  • Pronunciation Workshop
  • Effortless English
  • Pro Speaking



Jaxtina Center offers comprehensive 4-skill training courses to help students practice English in the best environment.

As an English center in Hanoi training four skills of listening - speaking - reading - writing, Jaxtina will help students confidently use English in daily life and study. As a result, students will work in an international environment and develop their career paths.

  • Comprehensive English model 4 skills
  • Teaching methods according to international standards
  • Professional teaching staff with many years of experience.

Tuition: 3.890.000 VNĐ – 4.990.000 VNĐ (169,08$ - 216,89$)

Typical courses include:

  • Four-skill English course
  • IELTS practice



GLN is a familiar address for those who want to conquer the IELTS exam with top-quality teaching.

The quality of GLN's teaching is proven in practice through the results of students here. More than 2500 students have achieved 7.0 – 8.5 IELTS, an impressive number. Classroom facilities and modern libraries will provide students with the best learning conditions.

The IELTS course at GLN Hanoi English teaching center is specially built based on the level of each student. In addition to the standard curriculum, GLN also provides maximum support to students with effective test-taking strategies and the consolidation of four equal skills. In addition, GLN also helps to score Writing articles on demand and organizes free mock tests to help students know their abilities.

Tuition: 10.000.000 VNĐ – 18.000.000 VNĐ (434,64$ - 782,36$)

Typical courses include:

  • IELTS practice
  • English for adults
  • English for entrepreneurs


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