5 Best traditional foods in Vietnamese Lunar New Year

In Vietnam, the atmosphere of Lunar New Year is not only manifested by yellow apricot blossoms, red parallel sentences but also by dishes. These dishes are so occasional and unique that just by looking at them, people realize “Tet” Holiday is coming. However, different areas have their own traditional cuisines, let’s find them out through this post.

Banh Chung (Bánh chưng)

 Chung cake is indispensable in all meals of every single family when it comes to Lunar New Year, especially in the north of Vietnam. In terms of Chung cake, people immediately think of a palatable taste which is the mixture of meat, ground pepper and beans. Also, Chung cake is entwined with nights in the New Year’s Eve when family members gather together to make this dish. They are memorable to every Vietnamese which remind people of their families, relatives and nudge them to reunite no matter where they are or what they are doing. Undoubtedly, Chung cake is an iconic dish of Vietnam when Lunar New Year is coming.

Pickled Onion (Dưa hành muối)

 In the northern sides of Vietnam, onion pickles, which are like Chung cakes, play a vital role in  menus. Lunar New Year’s meals contain obese dishes like Chung cakes, jellied meats, fried spring rolls,.. Therefore, onion pickles are true “life saviors” which reduce the greasiness by the fusion of chilly and slightly sour taste.

Spring Rolls (Nem rán)

 Spring rolls are very popular in the north of Vietnam. The making of this dish is considerably complicated and consists of several ingredients: meats, onions, pepper, carrots,... They are blended together with eggs and then fried to make a tasty dish.

Thus, people gather to help each other, which brings them closer and cements their relationships.

Banh Tet (Bánh Tét)

 While Chung cake is of northern sides, Tet cake is in southern ones. Chung cakes are covered by banana leaves and Tet cakes are covered by dong leaves. They have the same ingredients: ground pepper, beans, meats, rice but different shapes: square (Chung cakes) and cylinder (Tet cakes).

Stew Meat (Thịt kho)

 Alongside with Chung cakes, stew meats are prepared when Tet is coming. This is an iconic dish of the southern side of Vietnam, however it is becoming more and more prevalent in the north. Stew meats are cooked for a long time to absorb all the spices and become more tender.

- Ha Noi
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