2021-09-04, 19:36

Where to see Vietnam's rice terraces

This and other legends show Vietnam’s unbreakable bond with rice, which is cultivated across the country. In the centre and south, rice is grown in paddies on flat plains; but in the north, rice is grown in

2021-08-09, 15:16

100 years of Vietnamese Clothing

"Vietnam Fashion Throughout the Years" depicts the most popular fashion trends among young women in northern Vietnam since the early twentieth century. Here are some of our favorite daily outfits and

2021-08-09, 04:35

Top 10 largest corporations and companies in Vietnam

Vietnam is a developing country. To meet the market demand, factories, enterprises, small and medium-sized companies were born in series. Below is a summary of the largest corporations and companies in Vietnam so far.

2021-08-08, 17:22

Traditional beauty: Rituals in a wedding ceremony in Vietnam

When you visit Vietnam and learn the roots of any rituals there, you will more appreciate this land. Learn more about the essence of Vietnamese weddings below to know more about a country full of traditional beauty.

2021-08-04, 17:33

Banh Mi - Cultural Features of Vietnamese Cuisine

In Vietnam, people can meet any bread shop all over the street, from the National Highway, the main road, to the little-known alleys. Although extremely popular, not everyone can claim to fully understand this

2021-08-03, 10:38

Top 7 famous coffee brands in Vietnam

Coffee is a drink loved by people all over the world. Realizing the potential of this market, many business people have chosen coffee as a product to start a business. This has made the coffee market grow stronger and

2021-08-03, 04:12

Top 5 activities typical for Vietnam Mid Autumn Festival (Full Moon Festival)

The Mid-Autumn Festival (Full Moon Festival) in Vietnam is a traditional event for teenagers and children, held on the Fifteenth day of the Eighth-month in the Chinese calendar. Let’s review the indispensable

2021-07-31, 07:59

Best time to visit Vietnam: Tourist destinations by season

You want to travel to Vietnam, but you don't know which is the best time to visit Vietnam for the best atmosphere and landscapes. You don't want to reach the tourist destinations while it is rainy all day or something