Top 7 famous coffee brands in Vietnam

Coffee is a drink loved by people all over the world. Realizing the potential of this market, many business people have chosen coffee as a product to start a business. This has made the coffee market grow stronger and stronger; the big guys are racing to maintain market share. Forms of coffee are also increasingly diverse such as filter coffee, packaged coffee, egg coffee, bottled coffee, etc. Which Vietnamese or international coffee brands have won the hearts of customers in the rapidly growing coffee market?

  1. TNI King Coffee
  2. Top 5 the best egg coffee in Hanoi

TNI King Coffee


King Coffee is a coffee brand belonging to TNI KING COFFEE (Trung Nguyen International Company), founded and operated by Mrs. Le Hoang Diep Thao. Right from the early days of establishment, King Coffee has aimed to become a global brand.

Unlike other brands, KING COFFEE chooses to launch products in the US. This market is famous for being the most demanding. Then expand globally and then return to the domestic market to develop a nationwide distribution system.

This aim is the guarantee of our commitment: KING COFFEE, the world-famous coffee masterpiece. Now, King Coffee has been present in more than 60 countries and territories. Customers warmly receive King Coffee's products. This is a positive signal for the business' breakthrough steps, and the mission of bringing Vietnamese coffee to the top is being carried out.

Highlands Coffee


Highlands Coffee has become a brand with a specific position in the hearts of customers. Delicious, smooth coffee products in a modern, cozy space result from days and nights of diligent research by a team of experts. More than just a drink, Highlands also wants to reflect the modern lifestyle of Vietnamese people.

In particular, Highlands is still maintaining manual coffee classification to select the best quality coffee beans. With the desire to bring customers the best taste, the coffee here is freshly roasted every day.

If price is chosen to compete with domestic coffee brands, it is difficult for Highlands to compete. However, the price that the business offers is commensurate with the quality of the product. Along with investing in luxurious and modern furniture, the number of customers coming to Highlands is always high. This has partly confirmed the company's position in the domestic market. This is also the springboard for Highlands to bring Vietnamese coffee closer to the world.



Starbucks is a famous coffee brand in the world with headquarters in Seattle, USA. Because it has a particular position on the coffee map, Starbucks entering the Vietnamese market is difficult. The opening of the first Starbucks store in the 2000s quickly attracted the attention of Vietnamese people and foreign tourists.

Starbucks' goal is to make the cafe the third most familiar place for customers after work and at home. Therefore, Starbucks always focuses on customer experience. They always capture and remember the habits of consumers to create familiarity and comfort. This is something that not many brands do.

For modern youth, Starbucks has never cooled down. Both foreign and locals customers are also fascinated by the distinctive flavor of this brand. Starbucks owns an impressive menu with a long list of unique coffee-based drinks. In addition, each festive season, Starbucks releases new dishes inspired by that holiday.

The Coffee House


The Coffee House is the successful start-up result of a young man named Nguyen Hai Ninh. Towards the goal of creating a space to enjoy coffee while studying, working, and entertaining modern young people.

The journey from farm to a cup has been established by the founding team from the very first stores. From the care process to the roasting process at The Coffee House farm, everything is strictly controlled. As a result, the coffee cups delivered to customers always have the best taste.

It is not difficult to see images of famous The Coffee House cafes on the street. A unique feature in the design of this brand is always making the most of natural light by installing glass walls and, as a result, creating sound lighting effects for customers. Along with that, the space of The Coffee House gives people creative inspiration by modern and cozy design.

Trung Nguyen coffee


Trung Nguyen has long been known as the "national coffee" brand founded by businessman Dang Le Nguyen Vu and his wife - Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao. Trung Nguyen's achievements today cannot but mention the great merits of Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao. In those days, not many people supported the bold idea of ​​producing and exporting coffee. But thanks to Mr. Vu's enterprising spirit and the help of his wife, Vietnamese coffee has made spectacular breakthroughs. After more than 20 years of establishment and development, Trung Nguyen is now present in many countries on the world coffee map.

Vietnamese people are probably no stranger to the rich coffee flavor of Trung Nguyen. Only the most delicious coffee beans are selected and put into a rigorous roasting process, meeting international standards. Combined with the mysterious secrets of the Orient and the modern roasting method. Under the skillful hands of experienced coffee experts. These are all the unique things that make Trung Nguyen coffee cups make people fall in love over the years.

Phuc Long Coffee & Tea House


Phuc Long has been known as a tea and coffee supplier for more than 50 years. Phuc Long's products with excellent quality are distributed nationwide. Realizing the available strengths, this brand decided to enter the coffee chain business market. Instead of just displaying and selling prepackaged products like before, Phuc Long cafes now also serve drinks made from tea and coffee. In general, Phuc Long's products have their unique flavor and are not mixed with other brands.

Initially, Phuc Long only focused on quality development, not on increasing the number of stores. However, with the fierce competition of the F&B industry, Phuc Long also has new directions. The brand already has plans to expand its scale in major cities.

Cong coffee


Contrary to the modern and luxurious image of the city, Cong Coffee appears as a miniature society in the 70s. This place recreates familiar pictures of the subsidy period, nostalgic about old memories. Serving typical Vietnamese coffees such as black coffee, brown coffee, bac xiu, Cong also brings Western flavors but wittily gives them Vietnamese names such as Viet Xo (Espresso), Canoe (Cappuccino).

Cong cafe's drinks are very diverse, along with some very delicious cakes. Egg coffee is a unique feature of Cong. The coffee cup is placed in a bowl of warm water to keep the coffee temperature. The coffee is beautifully textured, the egg layer is finely beaten. When drinking, you can feel the coffee taste very standard. The coffee mixed with eggs is fragrant, greasy, easy to drink. The combo of egg coffee and egg tarts for an afternoon is exciting.

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