Top 7 famous coffee brands in Vietnam

Coffee is a drink loved by people all over the world. Realizing the potential of this market, many business people have chosen coffee as a product to start a business. This has made the coffee market grow stronger and stronger; the big guys are racing to maintain market share. Forms of coffee are also increasingly diverse such as filter coffee, packaged coffee, egg coffee, bottled coffee, etc. Which Vietnamese or international coffee brands have won the hearts of customers in the rapidly growing coffee market?

  1. TNI King Coffee
  2. Highlands Coffee
  3. Starbucks
  4. The Coffee House
  5. Trung Nguyen coffee
  6. Phuc Long Coffee & Tea House
  7. Cong coffee
  8. Top 5 the best egg coffee in Hanoi

TNI King Coffee


King Coffee is a coffee brand belonging to TNI KING COFFEE (Trung Nguyen International Company), founded and operated by Mrs. Le Hoang Diep Thao. Right from the early days of establishment, King Coffee has aimed to become a global brand.

Unlike other brands, KING COFFEE chooses to launch products in the US. This market is famous for being the most demanding. Then expand globally and then return to the domestic market to develop a nationwide distribution system.

This aim is the guarantee of our commitment: KING COFFEE, the world-famous coffee masterpiece. Now, King Coffee has been present in more than 60 countries and territories. Customers warmly receive King Coffee's products. This is a positive signal for the business' breakthrough steps, and the mission of bringing Vietnamese coffee to the top is being carried out.

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