Top 5 coffee companies in Vietnam

After many years of ups and downs in the coffee market, coffee companies in Vietnam have increasingly affirmed their position, reaching out to the world. Thanks to the favorable conditions of the fertile basalt red soil of the plateau, Vietnam is on the top list of the world's leading coffee exporting countries. This article will mention a list of coffee companies in Vietnam for you to find out.

Vietnam Top Coffee companies

  1. Trung Nguyen Coffee Group
  2. King Coffee Company
  3. Nestle Vietnam Co., Ltd
  4. An Thai Coffee Group
  5. Vinacafe Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company

Trung Nguyen Coffee Group


Trung Nguyen is a leading coffee export company in Vietnam. Trung Nguyen coffee is filtered from the finest quality selected coffee beans from the sunny and windy land of Buon Ma Thuot. This place is the oldest and most fresh coffee beans roof, a bright and breezy ground that always brings top-quality coffee beans with rich Vietnamese flavor. Trung Nguyen coffee is produced on modern technological lines with the know-how from the East to create a unique coffee taste, suitable for both Vietnamese and international friends.

Through more than 30 activities in the field of coffee production, distribution, and export, Trung Nguyen coffee has been present in over 60 countries worldwide, which is the pride of Vietnam.

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