Top 5 activities typical for Vietnam Mid Autumn Festival (Full Moon Festival)

The Mid-Autumn Festival (Full Moon Festival) in Vietnam is a traditional event for teenagers and children, held on the Fifteenth day of the Eighth-month in the Chinese calendar. Let’s review the indispensable conventional activities in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

It is a joyful occasion to give them a spiritual gift and show the whole community’s care and responsibility. Adults must prepare carefully to attract children. It is because they are always waiting for a Mid-Autumn Festival full of meaning and excitement. That can help them have more motivation, emulate them to study well, strive to become a good citizens.

  1. Dragon and Lion dance
  2. Lantern parade
  3. Folk games
  4. Moon cake and fruit party
  5. Children poetry and comedy performances

Dragon and Lion dance

Dragon and Lion dance is an indispensable activity in the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam. Adults will wear colorful dragon and tiger costumes, creating a bustling atmosphere. The sound of drums and the cheers of the crowd bring about a great sense of impression. It is the beauty of traditional culture and is extremely important in children’s Mid-Autumn Festival activities.

Lantern parade

Lanterns parade with five-pointed stars is another activity during Mid Autumn Festival in Vietnam. There is a typical song for children to raise their voices together during the event. Especially, children will make a five-pointed star lantern themselves with simple paper and a bit of help from their children and friends. It helps children promote their creativity, ingenuity, solidarity. I used to love to create five-pointed lanterns in my creative way. Together, children line up, follow each other, sing songs alongside all the roads in their area. Singing around the streets accompanied by the lions and two famous characters, Sister Hang and Uncle Cuoi makes the children more excited and happy.

Folk games 

Folk games are indispensable activities in every Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam. All of them are movement games. There is the tug of war, blindfolded drumming, swaying back and forth game, sack jumping, blind man’s buff, cat and mouse game, etc. They all become memorable experiences of childhood. They create a bond among children, help them be confident themselves. Surroundings are cheering from adults to make the Mid Autumn Festival atmosphere more vibrant. Moreover, after the games, children will receive attractive gifts that adults use to cheer up the children.

Moon cake and fruit party

The night of the Full Moon Festival in Vietnam is indispensable for moon cake and fruit parties. There are typical and colorful fruits, including pomelo, red persimmon, mango, dragon fruit, pomegranate, guava, orange, watermelon. Groups of children will compete with each other. Each group will choose fruits from the organizers, then have 60 minutes to show their creativity in the decoration and the display. After that, they display the tray and give a presentation on the topic of that tray. This activity helps the children to have more creativity and cohesion. Finally, they gather cakes and fruits together to have a party.

Children poetry and comedy performances

There are many different programs and activities in the Full Moon Festival in Vietnam, but not to be missed are poetry and comedy performances from children. In this part, the children will be free to sing, show their talents. The songs are related to the Mid-Autumn Festival, such as The star lantern, August lantern parade, The fairy moon, etc.

Above are the indispensable traditional activities in the Mid Autumn Festival in Vietnam. If you travel around the country these days, you will see streets full of colors from lanterns and decorative items. The atmosphere is worth experiencing once. 

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