Discover the top 15 most famous specialty fruit of Vietnam

Along with the Best Picks column of Top Ten Reviews, discover 15 pure Vietnamese fruits, the most renowned specialists in Vietnam. Introducing fruits with fantastic natural flavors, varied from shape to color, guaranteed to attract you at first sight!

  1. Durian

  2. Banana

  3. Mango

  4. Grapefruit

  5. Watermelon

  6. Lychee
  7. Hong Xiem - Sapoche
  8. Dragon fruit
  9. Star apple
  10. Longan
  11. Mangosteen
  12. Tangerine
  13. Na
  14. Plum
  15. Grape


Durian is ascribed by everyone to the quite majestic title "king of tropical fruits." Durian possesses a strange taste, fatty taste combined with a characteristic scent to create an exquisite taste.

Durian is originally from Southeast Asia. The fruit has a slight gourd shape, the outer shell is full of thorns with a greenish-yellow, tan color, the inside has many segments, the yellow durian flesh is eye-catching. Durian makes a strong impression mainly thanks to its distinct strong aroma that not everyone can stand.

With this scent divided into 2 streams of opinions, one side will feel the more addicted to eating durian, while the other will feel scared just smelling the smell from afar. 

In Vietnam, durian is grown a lot in the Southeast, Central Highlands and Mekong Delta regions, where you can confidently find durians with guaranteed quality.


Banana does not seem to be a strange fruit, but bananas seem to become very diverse with many varieties in Vietnam, making a difference in shape and taste. You can come across many different bananas, such as areca bananas, king bananas, wax bananas, porcelain bananas, etc.

When ripe bananas have yellow skin, the darker the color, the riper the banana. When ripe bananas have a mild aroma, the more you smell it, the more you like it. Depending on the type, the banana meat has different softness and deliciousness and has a sweet, easy-to-eat taste.

You can find pink pepper bananas in Vietnam. This is quite special compared to other bananas when the banana skin has an eye-catching pink color instead of the usual yellow.

You can choose to buy bananas in Cuu Long, Hung Yen, and Vinh Phuc provinces. 


The Mekong Delta is also famous for mangoes that have a slightly rounded shape with an oval shape. The outer shell is golden, smooth, and shiny. When smelling, it has a gentle and attractive aroma. Mango, when ripe, has a sweet taste. Depending on the type, the sweetness can vary from sweet to dark.

The Mekong Delta region has the famous Cat Hoa Loc mango variety, with intense sweetness and intense aroma that easily attracts everyone's attention. You can easily find and buy Cat Hoa Loc Mangoes at markets, fruit stores when in the season because the popularity of Cat Hoa Loc mangoes is not only in the country but also exported a lot abroad. 


In Vietnam, pomelo is one of the top export fruits that bring in annual profits. The quality of our country's pomelo is undeniable because of its delicious, sweet taste. Each segment is succulent, with few seeds.

Like other fruits, pomelos in Vietnam have various varieties, of which the outstanding ones can be mentioned as Nam Roi pomelo and green skin pomelo. Nam Roi pomelo is a harmonious combination of sweet taste mixed with a slightly sour taste, not too sweet, so it is highly suitable when eaten with chili salt. While grapefruit with green skin and pink flesh has a sweeter taste, the sweetness is also different depending on the type of grapefruit.

You can easily find round, thick-skinned, succulent pomelos in the Mekong Delta provinces. 


Vietnam's watermelons account for a large proportion of foreign fruit exports. Watermelon, which is rich in nutritional value with an incredible taste, has a lot of water with a natural sweetness and is easily loved by many people.

Watermelon is basically round, has a green rind, and an eye-catching bright red inner flesh. Depending on the different types of watermelon, the fruit has different sizes, shapes, and colors of the inner part.

In Vietnam, watermelon is grown popularly but mainly in Hai Duong, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Can Tho, Tien Giang, Tra Vinh, etc. 


Lychee soon became a favorite fruit because of its sweet taste and attractive aroma. The lychee outside has slightly rough, thin, bright red skin. The inside is a thick white pulp compared to other fabrics. The seeds are tiny.

The lychee is grown up to thousands of hectares, especially Bac Giang and Hai Duong lychees. The output of lychee harvested for export is increasing, affirming its attractiveness to consumers. 

Hong Xiem - Sapoche 

The western region of Vietnam possesses a large number of unique fruits, including Hong Xiem in Tien Giang. As an indispensable feature in the list of specialty fruits of Vietnam, Hong Xiem Mac Bac (Mặc Bắc) fruit is sweet, soft and delicious, when smelling it has a light aroma, the outer skin is slightly rough but very thin, the inside has 1 - 2 flat seeds.

Every year, the amount of Hong Siamese in Vietnam exported to foreign countries helps bring in a significant source of income. Hong Xiem Mac Bac is grown in many communes along the Tien river, such as Tam Binh, My Long (Cai Lay district), Kim Son, Ban Long, Phu Long, Song Thuan (Chau Thanh district). 

Dragon fruit 

Dragon fruit being exported to foreign countries is almost not too strange, so when it comes to dragon fruit as a typical fruit specialty in Vietnam, it seems to be an exaggeration.

Dragon fruit in Vietnam is cared for in the proper environmental conditions, the fruit is large, slightly round, and the outside is smooth. When ripe, the skin turns bright red. The inner part is usually white with tiny black seeds. Accordingly, you can see red flesh dragon fruit, yellow flesh strange variations, but the sweet taste is not inferior to the usual type. 

Many provinces, such as Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan, Tien Giang, Long An, etc., have many dragon fruits. You can go to choose to buy the best quality dragon fruit.

Star apple 

Among the specialties of Vietnam is the absolutely indispensable Star apple. Star apple is considered a fruit that is almost pure Vietnamese. Currently, in the world, Vietnam is an exporter of Star apple to foreign countries.

Lo Ren Star apple is the most typical type for the excellent taste typical of Vietnamese Star apple. The fruit is big and round, the outer shell is smooth, beautiful, and smooth, the inside is white, and when you eat it, you will feel the sweetness quickly spreading on the tip of the tongue.


You definitely have to try the famous domestic longan in Vietnam such as longan, longan, etc. All are varieties with the best quality. Besides, there are still many other varieties of longan grown in Vietnam.

The clusters of longan are heavy with many large, round fruits, thin skin, pure white flesh, quite thick, and tiny seeds. The sweet longan flesh is sure to make you fall in love. 


Vietnam also has a unique specialty that is quite strange to foreigners, which is mangosteen fruit. According to many foreign visitors, the fruit has a peculiar shape, and they face many difficulties when eating these mangosteens.

Meanwhile, the mangosteen fruit has a round shape, dark purple color when ripe, the stem tip is green, the outer skin is quite thick, covering many segments of white flesh inside. 

Cho Lach (Chợ Lách) mangosteen is famous because of its large fruit, many segments, few seeds, and sweetness, mixed with a bit of sour taste, creating a distinctive charm. 


Tangerines in Vietnam also have a particular attraction when more and more varieties are assembled. Many types have different colors and flavors, but in general, they all create a specific impression for users.

Typically, sugar tangerine is famous for its sweet taste like the name, natural sweetness, not harsh, succulent tangerine. The fruit is usually large and round, with thin, glossy skin and an eye-catching yellow color when ripe. Tangerine is considered a unique feature of Tra Vinh. 


When it comes to Vietnamese fruit specialties, you will hear the name Na Lang Son. The custards collected or from here are large in size, round, and soft when ripe.

The flesh is large, white, evenly arranged, and has a sweet taste. Na in the land of Chi Lang is usually of much better quality than in other areas. This is used as an export product in large quantities every year, earning a stable profit. 


In the Northwest mountains of Vietnam, there is a particular type of plum called Tam Hoa plum. This type of plum, when ripe, has a dark purple to black color, round fruit shape, when eaten, has a sweet taste mixed with a slightly sour taste, maybe mixed with a bit of acrid taste, tiny seeds inside.

Plums are only found in the foggy mountains of Sapa or in the Bac Ha area. The natural environmental conditions create the flavor with the entire mountain flavor in the unique Tam Hoa plum. 


Vietnam has grapes - Ninh Thuan's specialty is quite famous, while grapes also have many different varieties, but the land of Ninh Thuan seems to be highly suitable for growing grapes.

Grapes here are often divided into 2 types of green grapes and red grapes. They usually have a mild sour taste mixed with a sweet taste, with seeds inside and surrounded by fragile skin. The unique flavor and characteristics of Ninh Thuan have created the attraction for grapes grown here. 

Hopefully, the sharing of 15 pure Vietnamese fruits that Top Ten Reviews summarizes can help you expand more information and bring proper value to your life! 

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