2023-08-30, 03:10

Top 5 most delicious dishes in Hanoi that you will remember for a lifetime

Hanoi's 36 streets and neighborhoods have a unique and attractive culinary culture that draws in many domestic and international tourists. Let's take a look at the top 15 most delicious dishes in Hanoi that you will

2021-08-04, 17:43

Phở - The essence of Vietnamese cuisine

When talking about Vietnamese food, perhaps pho is the name that always comes to mind first. Pho is a prevalent dish in Vietnam and is praised by many people. Although it is not a rare dish, the taste of pho always

2021-07-20, 04:24

Most recommended: Top 5 places to try the beef noodle in Hanoi Capital City

Pho is a famous dish in Hanoi that many tourists coming to Vietnam have to try once. The noodle is soft, and the broth is sweet with the taste of pork bones. Also, the fragrant cilantro full of the bowl will surely