Top 5 most beautiful souvenir shops in Hanoi

Mentioning Hanoi refers to its people and the cultural traditions expressed through distinctive local cuisine, handicrafts and products reflecting the cultural identity of this historic land. When visiting Hanoi, tourists must try 36 treats street, che lam cake from Duong Lam, Vong village sticky rice and other special dishes to understand the culture here. Not only can you enjoy great food and scenery in Hanoi, but you can also purchase these items as meaningful gifts for loved ones from souvenir shops or centers after your trip. Here are some must-visit souvenir stores in Hanoi for tourists to choose the most special and thoughtful gifts for friends and family:

  • The article provides a comprehensive overview of the richness and diversity of Hanoi's street food, snacks and cultural heritage through culinary delights.
  • When visiting the capital, travellers shouldn't miss experiences like 36 treats street, che lam cake from Duong Lam village and Vong village sticky rice - which also make wonderful souvenirs.
  • It also introduces popular destinations like Tu Hieu and Van Mieu Bookstore where tourists can easily shop for gifts. This helps promote cultural values, memories of the ancient city.

PandaGift - Souvenirs in Hanoi

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Vong Village Sticky Rice

Address: Xuan Thuy Street, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

When coming to Hanoi, you can't miss Vong Village's sticky rice. Taking a break in the cool autumn air of Vong Village, tourists can sense the sweet, faint scent of sticky rice wafting around the streets.

Sticky rice is often wrapped in lotus leaves and eaten with ripe bananas. Sampling some or taking fresh sticky rice home as a gift brings an indescribable feeling of happiness. Even if you can't visit Hanoi in autumn, there are still many other sticky rice specialties like sticky rice cakes, sticky rice porridge, stir-fried sticky rice and sticky rice sausages available to purchase as gifts.

According to experiences of traveling to Hanoi, one of the places people always mention when coming to Hanoi is Vong Village Sticky Rice. Just stepping inside the sticky rice village gate, visitors can already smell the delicate fragrance of sticky rice wafting through the alleys. And for sure, coming here, visitors will want to buy some sticky rice as a gift to take back home.

Vạn Phúc Silk Village

Address: Vạn Phúc, Hà Đông District, Hanoi

Located 10km from downtown Hanoi, Vạn Phúc Village is famous for its silk weaving. The silk here has properties of softness, thinness, breathability and lightness unlike common silk, with diverse materials. Ethnic styles are also chosen by local artisans to attract foreign tourists.

Additionally, to buy silk products, ao dai, hats, clothes, scarves etc, you can also visit stores along Hang Gai Street, Hang Trống Street, Nha Tho Church Street if you don't want to go far. Vạn Phúc's silk has maintained its reputation throughout history thanks to its high-quality production from mulberry cultivation to finished products.

Dong Xuan Market - Souvenir Market in Hanoi

Address: Dong Xuan, Quoc Oai District, Hanoi

Loquats are quite familiar fruits to the citizens of the capital, from loquats we can make many delicious dishes and refreshing drinks. Every visitor to Hanoi, especially Southern tourists, must buy a bag of loquats to take home as gifts. If tourists come during the loquat season, they will see many roadside stalls selling fresh loquats throughout the city streets.

Loquats usually appear in summer, you just need to go to a small market or roadside stalls to find a bag of fresh loquats as gifts for friends or relatives. Especially for people from the South, they sometimes crave the sour taste of loquats.

During season, loquat prices range from 20,000-30,000 VND/kg. If you visit out of season but still want to find loquats, you can go to Dong Xuan Market, where prices will be much higher, even 3-4 times more than in season.

Alternatively, if visiting out of season, head to Dong Xuan Market to buy fresh loquats, which are 4-5 times more expensive than during the harvest season. This is a specialty product and gift that many people love from Hanoi.

Duong Lam Village

Address: Duong Lam, Son Tay District, Hanoi

The simple yet warm che lam dessert from Doai land not only tastes delicious but is also a very meaningful specialty gift from Hanoi. Che lam cake is made by artisans from simple, familiar ingredients close to agricultural life such as glutinous rice flour, rock sugar, mung beans, along with ginger and roasted peanuts to enhance the flavor.

Eating che lam should be enjoyed with a hot cup of tea to fully smell the fragrant yellow sticky rice blended with the deep spicy ginger flavor and the rich stickiness of roasted peanuts, as well as feel the warmth of homeland in this simple gift.

Visiting Duong Lam ancient village, you can enjoy che lam cake and buy the delicacy as a souvenir from Hanoi. Che lam cake has been considered a quintessential countryside gift associated with the Northern region. And in Duong Lam village, you can buy handmade che lam cakes any time of the year. The aroma of glutinous rice, mung beans will attract you.

- Ha Noi
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