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Origin of Ao Dai - Vietnamese national costume

The image of Ao Dai has become highly familiar and enters the subconscious of every Vietnamese person. Still, not everyone can most accurately describe the origin, change, and development of the Ao Dai. Traditional. So let's go with Top Ten Reviews to learn about the source of the Ao Dai - the Vietnamese national costume:

What is Ao Dai? 

So what is Ao Dai? Ao Dai is an innovative costume changed and stylized from the five-body dress (with a standing position, standing neck) of the Vietnamese people during the Westernization period, known as the New Age period. Ao Dai is usually worn with long pants, covering the body from the neck to or can be above the knee. Usually, Ao Dai will be for both men and women, but it is more popular.

Ao Dai of Vietnamese people is often worn on holidays, performances, or in environments that require formality and courtesy. In middle and high schools in Vietnam, Ao Dai is also chosen as a school uniform for girls; or school uniforms at the university. On important occasions when diplomatic relations with international relations, the national costume is the Ao Dai, often worn to show solemnity. With each beauty contest in Vietnam, the Ao Dai will undoubtedly be indispensable in the national beauty contest, especially in the international arena.

Making a traditional Vietnamese dress

The structure of a traditional Ao Dai usually includes the following parts:

Collar: The collar's design is usually about 2-3 cm high with a tight neckline, creating a V-shape in front of the neck.

Buttons: Buttons often use buttons, from the cross neck to the shoulder and then the hip. Traditionally, the buttonhole of the shirt's upper body is fixed at five positions; both help the Ao Dai be neat and remind the symbol of the 5 greatest human virtues of the Vietnamese people: benevolence - righteousness - ceremony - wisdom - faith.

Body: It usually consists of 2 main parts, the front and back of the Ao Dai. These bodies have a length from neck to ankle and are sewn to hug the body, thereby cleverly showing off the perfect curves and the beauty of a Vietnamese girl.

Sleeves: generally of the traditional shirt shape, long sleeves, no shoulder, sewn from the collar to the sleeves. 

Flat: consists of two flats, the front and the back split from the hip to the bottom.

Ao Dai is "innovated" according to each development period.

However, Top Ten Reviews will reveal to you the current Vietnamese national dress, a "renovated" version that changes many topics to create the most elegant beauty!

To know about the origin and original shape of the Ao Dai, let's learn about how the Ao Dai has changed over time:

Giao Lanh Ao Dai: 

The consignment shirt is considered the most primitive type of Ao Dai of the old Ao Dai. This is a trendy shirt pattern in the Ly - Tran – Le dynasties.

The outstanding features of the commissary shirt are: wide-body, the collar is designed to intersect when wearing, a sweater is split into both sides with long sleeves, wide cuffs, long bodice reaching to the heel (a particular thing is that very different from today's shirt body is sewn with five or six silk fabrics overlapped).

Ao Dai Tu Than

The four-body Ao Dai was initially considered a popular costume for the people of the popular class in the past.

This can be explained from the design of the four-piece Ao Dai, with the two front flaps of the shirt being designed separately. Therefore, it can be tied up neatly when working in the fields and labor while the two back flaps will be sewn into one shirt.

Ao Dai Nam Than

This is the style of dress created by Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat. The five-body Ao Dai is based on the characteristics of the four-body shirt, changing it to have 5 flaps.

The five-body dress is a variation from the Vietnamese four-body shirt

Each flap of the five-body shirt has two living bodies representing the parent, while the front child's flap means who the person wearing it is. Unlike the four-body shirt for ordinary people, the five-body shirt is the mandarins and aristocrats often wear.

Ao Dai Le Mur 

The innovative Ao Dai named Le Mur is named after the person who designed and created it. Le Mur Ao Dai is a step forward with a significant reform from the four-body Ao Dai of the Vietnamese mandarins and aristocrats.

Ao Dai Le Mur is shortened to only 2 front and back flaps, the front row of buttons is also translated to the shoulder and along the wearer's waist. Comes with a puff sleeve design, more open neck. This is considered the type of Ao Dai that has "hybridized" a lot and is entirely different from the traditional culture of the ancient Vietnamese.

Ao Dai Le Pho

By combining exceptionally skillfully and skillfully between the four-body Ao Dai and the Le Mur Ao Dai, painter Le Pho has reconciled and created the Ao Dai named after himself. Creating an Ao Dai that can comprehensively reconcile the traditional and straightforward beauty of the Vietnamese people without losing the modern and new look of the contemporary Ao Dai. This Ao Dai omitted some stretch features such as puff sleeve design and open neck from the Le Mur Ao Dai. 

Ao Dai Madame Nhu's 

Ms. Tran Le Xuan is the wife of Ngo Dinh Nhu, who created this very new modern women's ao dai with the collar part removed a bit and replaced with a boat neck design, an open neck, and a cut neck. . Since then, bringing more diverse designs for Vietnamese Ao Dai. Besides, the texture on the shirt's body is also very fancy, with the pattern of upside-down bamboo branches.

Ao Dai Raglan (also known as Giac Lang)

In the 1960s, Ao Dai, with an English hand-assembled style called raglan, was born in Saigon. This design solves the inherent wrinkles on the armpits of the usual Ao Dai.

The shirt style is designed to hug a woman's body more closely, creating an eye-catching curve, leaving a very personal impression.

Ao Dai Miniraglan 

Miniraglan Ao Dai is the popular version of the Ao Dai to make schoolgirl uniforms from the past to now.

This version of Ao Dai is commonly used by girls from high schools to universities. The shirt's design is slightly below the knee, but the long dress pants are covered up to the ankles. Thus, this Ao Dai has gone through many years with changes from design, material to color. Its aim is to meet the needs of women and is suitable for each era of our life.

Innovative Ao Dai trend of the 21st century

So let's read on to consider the youthful and innovative Ao Dai trend of Vietnam in this 21st century:

What is "Innovation" Ao Dai?

Can someone explain why the innovative Ao Dai is so beautiful? Over time, the Ao Dai followed women to every holiday and special day and became a very everyday outfit to go to work, go out, and take pictures. So, have you understood all about the modern Ao Dai of the 21st century? Let's go with Top Ten Reviews to find out now:

Most women think that the traditional Ao Dai is too long and cumbersome for daily activities, especially in constantly moving jobs. Along with that, Vietnam's weather is quite hot, so the traditional Ao Dai costume is no longer suitable to become a daily outfit like in the past. That's why the modern and innovative Ao Dai was born.

In addition, for women with an unbalanced body, it is not easy to wear a traditional Ao Dai on essential occasions. Others may always have problems with the design of buttons at the shoulder and waist that are easy to open, causing inconvenience to the wearer.

It is essential to change the Ao Dai to suit the new modern rhythm of life. "Innovating" Ao Dai also aims to bring beautiful costumes, both convenience, and comfort for the wearer. And of course, these factors have met the needs of Vietnamese women and have since gradually become the design of Ao Dai of the new era, easy to buy, easy to wear, and easy to use.

The innovative Ao Dai has changes to match and adapt to the modern life of Vietnamese women.

Who are the trendsetters?

A few years ago, innovative Ao Dai appeared only on fashion catwalks, professional catwalks in the collections of famous designers such as Thuy Nguyen, Ha Linh Thu, Si Hoang...

It was not until the end of 2016, with the appearance of many stars in the innovative and impressive collection of women's Ao Dai, that really created a "fever" for Vietnam's new Ao Dai in the New Year 2017.

Some of the HOT names in Vietnamese showbiz can be mentioned with favorite Ao Dai photos such as:

Controversy about the innovative Ao Dai

Not surprisingly, with these bold and impressive innovations, the innovative Ao Dai in 2017 also created mixed opinions.

Designer Duc Hung once said: "I always affirm, this is not a Vietnamese Ao Dai. If we continue to promote and support this innovative style of Ao Dai to go with this dress, very soon the image of Vietnam's traditional Ao Dai will be lost its inherent value..."

Indeed, with these somewhat strange changes compared to the traditional Ao Dai, there has been a great controversy about the desire to keep or change the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai.

However, this was also an open question when the contradictions between old values ​​and new things that needed to be changed were difficult to reconcile.

So far, in 2020, 3 years have passed, and everyone has accepted this innovative Ao Dai with the value it should have. People still choose the traditional Ao Dai for special and important occasions of the country. And every day, the innovative Ao Dai has done its job well when it comes to life, closer and more convenient for the wearer. So let's go with Top Ten Reviews to refer to the latest innovative Ao Dai models in 2020:

The most beautiful modern women's Ao Dai models 2020

Currently, on the market, it is increasingly popular for women to wear innovative Ao Dai with a variety of designs, materials, and colors for girls to choose from. Depending on the body shape and preferences, girls can find the most suitable long dress. Let's take a look at the innovative models of women's Ao Dai that have been "storming" in the past time!

Innovative long-sleeved shirt with gentle sleeves

Don't miss this innovative long-sleeved shirt design to always have a radiant, fresh, and slim look. This innovative Ao Dai model with a youthful and fresh beauty still retains Vietnamese women's most traditional and graceful beauty. This is a long dress that has similarities with noble families' five-body dress, so it is very popular with luxurious ladies.

Most of these innovative forms of Ao Dai with short sleeves use a unique, antique design. The sleeves and hem of the shirt have unique variations to create a charm for the wearer.


Ao dai has a gentle, classic beauty but is highly modern and attractive

Usually, the materials used to make this innovative Ao Dai are pretty diverse, but people often prefer to use chiffon and soft silk fabrics with this design.

Modern short-sleeve Ao Dai

If you want to wear a very youthful and vibrant Ao Dai, you are afraid of the hot summer weather. So definitely don't miss this ultra-modern short-sleeved shirt!

Attractive, fresh, and modern beauty when wearing a short-sleeved shirt

Wearing this innovative Ao Dai with a short-sleeved design is the fashion trend of summer 2020. Just beautiful, outstanding and comfortable, comfortable in these hot days, what could be more wonderful?

The models of long-sleeved short-sleeved shirts are explicitly designed with awe-inspiring and attractive beauty; Show off the girl's charming beauty.

The reason why these youthful and innovative Ao Dai models are so popular lies in their design and stylized style. This is the critical factor that determines the type of woman when wearing this outfit.

Stylish round neck modern style Ao Dai

Continuing to be a beautiful and innovative Ao Dai model loved in the summer-autumn 2020. The design of Ao Dai without collar or boat neck, the round neck has gradually become famous and popular in the past few years. No longer the usual discreet, subtle look, but this outfit still respects the attractive and traditional beauty long-suffering.

The beautiful female singer Ho Ngoc Ha in a very eye-catching modern boat-neck dress

The design of the round-neck long dress with front and back flaps can be suitable for women's daily office environment.

Among the favorite innovative styles of Ao Dai, this is probably the most used for work and daily life. The reason for this is the design of the Ao Dai with full convergence of grace, beauty, freedom, and comfort for the wearer. Usually, the accompanying motifs on the shirt's body are also quite simple, mainly using embroidered flowers or meticulous stones.

Innovative Ao Dai for wedding day

On the wedding day, the girls of the bride's family also use short-sleeved modern Ao Dai to make "uniforms" to wear. This is an image that bears the typical mark of a happy day of the Vietnamese people, so the selection of Ao Dai models for the fruit-bearing day is also very interested for the brides. Because this is considered to be the face of the girl's family in the interview.

The innovative Ao Dai was also used in the wedding of the hot girl Mango Non, which is very famous in the online community of young people.

The innovative Ao Dai models used in this ceremony are usually in ethereal and gentle colors to create balance and harmony for the bride and groom. Luminus will suggest for couples some colors such as peach pink, light yellow, earth orange, etc.

In addition, the girls can also be more active in finding the suitable Ao Dai model for their day. It is possible to change the style of the dress, but do not forget to be consistent in color to bring the solemnity and calendar to the big day of the bride and groom.

Ao Dai with classical floral innovation

Although appearing for a long time, the traditional Ao Dai stylized with baby flowers has always been loved and holds a rather unique position. This is also an Ao Dai model that can create a stable attraction for all women.

The traditional neo-classical Ao Dai has been loved by Vietnamese women for many periods and shows no sign of being "out of fashion."

Small flower patterns, whether designed complex or straightforward, are incredibly sophisticated, meticulous, and eye-catching. This is a very suitable style for a girl who loves vintage or retro photography.

In addition, the impressive combination of colors of the innovative Ao Dai and primary colors such as red, blue, etc., also contributes to creating a beautiful highlight so that the innovative Ao Dai can score points. In the eyes of the sisters.

Fashion lace innovation Ao Dai

The trendy lace long dress can be suitable for holidays, photo sessions, or company parties.

In addition to the old-fashioned retro beauty of the flower Ao Dai, the latest innovative model of Ao Dai using sophisticated and luxurious silk lace fabric is also enthusiastically promoted by many women.

In particular, this is also considered an innovative Ao Dai model that is extremely popular in Vietnamese holidays, festivals, or momentous occasions.

The menu looks so beautiful and stands out in the fresh green lace modern Ao Dai.

This innovative lace Ao Dai is attractive because of its luxurious beauty, charm, and elegance for office ladies. However, because this lace is quite mysterious, it will not be suitable for hot days. But in return, the Ao Dai also has a beautiful form and is loved in the days of autumn. The weather gradually cools.

Luxurious brocade modern Ao Dai

Continue to write your name in the most beautiful modern Ao Dai models in 2020. The model of the brocade dress is highly luxurious, carefully selected with a variety of colors for ladies to choose from, accompanied explicitly by illustrations. Vibrant colors such as dragon phoenix motifs, storks, flowers, etc.

Luxurious brocade fabric, meticulously hand-sewn and embroidered with the feat of the brocade Ao Dai

Wearing a modern brocade dress makes you look extremely elegant, personal, and current. In particular, this is also an innovative Ao Dai with a completely opposite and different from the usual charming and subtle beauty. This dress stands out for its strong feminism.

Awe-inspiring brocade Ao Dai model received the love of successful girls

In addition, this is also the style of Ao Dai associated with the maturity and maturity of successful ladies. Therefore, they are very suitable for ladies over 30 to wear to work or to critical events.

Innovative Ao Dai for lovely children

The images of innovative Ao Dai for children are adorable with cute colors and patterns that will make parents fall in love. These children's Ao Dai models are also often sold out every Tet to spring.

The cute and apparent beauty of the innovative Ao Dai for boys and girls in every holiday

If the girls bring a beautiful and cute look in the innovative Ao Dai, this Ao Dai is equally lovely for boys. This type of costume is also very suitable for children's age, playful and cute, just suitable, not making the children look "dumb."

Innovative long dress with lovely tutu skirts

One of the stylized traditional Ao Dai for the office girl is the innovative tutu skirt.

The innovative Ao Dai combined with the flowing tutu skirt is always out of stock at the shops.

This is a new Ao Dai model that has appeared in the past few years but very quickly won the favor and affection of women. This can be easily understood because this design can suit many situations, from going out, going to school, or working every day.

This new style of Ao Dai not only helps the wearer to be more flattering and beautiful. It also gives a very modern, youthful, and fresh look. Surely a modern girl will not miss this design in her wardrobe.

Innovative extended dress mix culottes pants

This is perhaps the most daring innovation of Ao Dai for women from the very traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai. Both the bodice as well as the trouser leg are designed to be short only to the knee. Here, this set's most prominent feature and the difference lies in the wide-leg pants called culottes originating from Europe.

Elegant men's Ao Dai model

Although there are not too many rich designs like modern women's Ao Dai. However, the innovative men's shoes are still impressed by the combined beauty of tradition and modernity, bringing an awe-inspiring appearance to men.

The familiar images that often appear with the typical modern men's Ao Dai are dragon, bird, stork, carp motifs, or specific basic motifs such as round dots, checkered letters, and calligraphy.

The swirl pattern is taken from the traditional Vietnamese men's Ao Dai

On special occasions such as New Year's holidays, parties, events, etc., instead of choosing casual clothes, vests, and tight shirts, and gradually enter the "pathway." Why don't guys try to find a youthful and innovative Ao Dai design for men?

Wearing innovative Ao Dai combined with what shoes?

For women, besides the image of a beautiful and innovative Ao Dai, shoes are definitely an accessory that cannot be ignored to create a perfect overall. Understanding this, in the following section, we will suggest to girls and boys about the most "matching" shoe models for an impressive modern Ao Dai:

Pointy toe heels

Whether it's a traditional Ao Dai or an innovative Ao Dai, high heels are definitely the perfect choice for this outfit. With a classic pointed-toe design, pointed-toe heels will definitely create an exquisite and attractive look for any girl.

In addition, the plain black or white high heels are also a safe suggestion for every girl because they can easily "fit" with any style, color, or texture of the shirt.

Innovative long dress mixed with classic and outstanding black high heels

In addition, look for a pair of high heels that follow the primary color of the long creative dress you have chosen. A couple of shoes with similar colors will help your outfit look more harmonious and attractive.

High heel sandals with thin straps

On hotter days, high-heeled sandals will undoubtedly be much more comfortable and comfortable than pointed shoes. This shoe model helps enhance the slim and tall figure of the wearer and allows her feet to move quickly. This sandal will be a very suitable choice if you wear Ao Dai on hot summer days.

Kitten Heels Shoes

Kitten Heels shoes are the perfect shoe brand for girls who prefer an elegant and elegant look but don't want to be too "loose" like regular high heels.

Kitten Heels shoes have a relatively low sole design with a pointed toe that brings a feminine look and helps her move quickly. This is a good suggestion for girls who travel a lot by motorbike to go to work.

Kitten Heels shoes are the choice for the girl who loves simplicity and lightness.

Doll shoes

If you want to wear beautiful modern dresses to go down the street, a pair of doll shoes are definitely the best suggestion for softer and more comfortable feet.

Still has the inherent femininity, gentleness, when combined with Ao Dai, it will create a beautiful, gentle, and youthful appearance. Along with that, you don't have to suffer from aches and pains in your feet from walking long in high heels.

Sport shoes

Fashion will never have a limit, so don't be afraid to combine an innovative Ao Dai with a pair of personally branded sneakers!

With the standard set of traditional Ao Dai, choosing mixed sports shoes may lose its inherent beauty and value. But with the innovative short-sleeved shirt, it is entirely possible. With this way of mixing clothes with sports shoes, you will have an Ao Dai outfit that is both personal and still equally polite and charming.

Mixing sports shoes with a long dress is not the wrong choice.

A small note to choose beautiful clothes that Top Ten Reviews wants to send to you is that when wearing sports shoes, you should select innovative models of long dresses combined with skirts that will be suitable for mixing with those pants.

With the innovative Ao Dai models storming this year, have you chosen a model you like? Hopefully, this information can help you better understand the origin of the Vietnamese Ao Dai and make your daily style fresher!

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