Ha Giang backpacking tourism experiences in 2021

Suppose you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to set foot in the top land of the Fatherland. In that case, you will quickly realize that Ha Giang not only has Ma Pi Leng pass - one of the four great peaks of Vietnam but also a "tunnel" of Vietnam buckwheat flower, where you can immerse yourself in the famous Khau Vai love market. Because it is still a rather wild and somewhat dangerous place, you need to know a few Ha Giang travel experiences to discover them most clearly.

  1. Ha Giang tourism - the first land of the country, what's so special about it?
  2. The most ideal time to have a complete Ha Giang trip
  3. Ha Giang travel experience - 4 most popular ways to visit
  4. Ha Giang travel experience by motorbike, car, bus
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  6. Ha Giang travel and the most exciting experiences
  7. Ha Giang's travel experience has delicious dishes and specialties as gifts?
  8. How many days is enough to travel Ha Giang?
  9. Details of the most economical and complete Ha Giang travel itinerary
  10. Ha Giang travel experience for first-timers

Ha Giang tourism - the first land of the country, what's so special about it? 

Ha Giang is the promised land with many souls of romantics, who want to once travel around beautiful places like that fairy. Ha Giang - a place where everyone wants to go, see the charm of the buckwheat flowers, the passes with wild features, or conquer the peaks of the high mountains.

As a province located in the northernmost part of Vietnam, Ha Giang is a famous tourist destination comparable to Sapa and Ha Hoi. Here, the scenery makes people fascinated and captivated, but the beauties of people, culture, and emotions remain after that long trip. 

Visiting Ha Giang, you are quickly captivated by the majestic and charming mountains. Or, in October-December, you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the subtle fragrance, witness firsthand a purple color covered with small children. Ha Giang tourism also has the majestic Ma Pi Leng Pass. People here also often tell each other that "going to Ha Giang without conquering the top of Ma Pi Leng pass is a failure."

What else does Ha Giang have to hold you back? Those are the two most famous roads, also a place for you to have new experiences and a little bit of adventure and adventure. Dong Van - Meo Vac Road: 

  • This route converges places that you can't help but feel like the northernmost point, the top of Ma Pi Leng Pass, the ancient spectrum of Dong Van, the waiting sessions in the highlands. 
  • Hoang Su Phi - Xin Man Road: Where there are beautiful terraced fields to bewitching. 

The most attractive point in Ha Giang is probably renting a motorbike, setting up a group of friends who also have a passion for travel, like to go backpacking like you, and then follow the pass roads to cover the beauty of the mountains. 

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