The most beautiful time to travel to Dalat

Da Lat from January to April


This time is spring, and it is also when Da Lat welcomes the Lunar New Year, extremely bustling with tourists everywhere looking to rest after a year of hard work. Da Lat at this time is very peaceful and poetic, filled with thousands of colorful flowers. It is the pink color of cherry apricot blossom, the white color of the ban flower, the hydrangea, the mimosa, the triangle of buckwheat. You will quickly see the traditional long dresses on the street in your hands. some flower bouquets walking around and taking pictures.

In addition, in March, visitors will also admire a particular flower of Da Lat, which is the purple phoenix flower, which looks sad but romantic. Traveling to Dalat at this time, you also have the opportunity to experience picking and enjoying those ripe strawberries.

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