Da Nang backpacking tourism in three days two nights

Da Nang has many tourist attractions with domestic and foreign tourists, including diverse natural resources, scenic spots, and rich cuisine. Therefore, a trip of three days two nights for the upcoming vacation is a great idea to own endless joy and experience. Let's explore this fascinating journey together.

  1. Day 1: Visit Than Tai Hot Springs Park - Take a My Xuan Cruise on the Han River
  2. Day 2: Ba Na Hills And Golden Bridge Day Tour – Free Sightseeing

Day 1: Visit Than Tai Hot Springs Park - Take a My Xuan Cruise on the Han River


From Da Nang airport, you use the service to the hotel. After checking in, you can rest, take a tour of the city center or then enjoy delicious food.

Here, you will enjoy professional health care, heal wounds and relieve muscle tension in a natural way. Besides, Than Tai Hot Springs Park also has many exciting entertainment activities suitable for the whole family. There is a primal forest system of tens of hectares, a mud bath area combined with aquatic therapy, a "Japanese standard" onsen tower, and an "eye-catching" 9D and 12D movie service. Don't forget to visit the Temple of Fortune to sow lucky hexagrams and pray for a prosperous and full year.

After visiting Than Tai Hot Springs Park, you can end your first day with a romantic evening out with family and friends. The 45-minute cruise on the Han River is sure to bring back many memorable moments, with a panoramic view of the city resplendent in lights and light entertainment. In addition, you have water and fresh fruit, making the experience more exciting.

  • Entrance ticket price in Than Tai Hot Springs Park: 400,000 VND/person (Regardless of the region) (17.39 USD)

Policy for children:

  • Under 1m: free
  • 1m to under 1m4: 50% adult price
  • From 1m4 and up: as adult price.

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