Top 5 the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang must visit

Da Nang beach is one of the places attracting many domestic and international tourists. And even if they are the first people to come here, they will still want to return to a peaceful and gentle city with honest and approachable people. As people say, Da Nang is a very livable city. So let's explore the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang that you should visit when coming to this beautiful city!

  1. Lang Van Beach
  2. My Khe beach
  3. Non Nuoc Beach
  4. Xuan Thieu Beach
  5. Nam O Beach

Lang Van Beach


Lang Van Beach is a tourist destination in Da Nang that deserves to be the most pristine and beautiful beach in Vietnam, with white sand, very clean. Nature has favored this place: a very charming village landscape (Van Village), mountains, sea, and islands.

This place is like a wild, rustic fairy village. Perhaps because Lang Van beach has always been quiet, peaceful, and less known by many people, from Da Nang city, you can travel by motorbike or car to the foot of Hai Van pass, on the right-hand side there will be a signboard to enter people's houses to park. It takes you a 15-20 minute walk, about 2-3 km to get there.

After trekking down to the train line, go about 800m more, look on the left-hand side, there will be a sign on the way down to Van village, this sign is because the backpackers use spray paint, so it's a bit blurry for a long time, so remember to pay attention. The road down to Van village is opposite that sign. Go straight down to the beach.

Lang Van Beach is very suitable for those who like to explore experiences and go on a trip with friends. Watching the sunset, dropping your soul into the space of heaven and earth, the sea breeze here really makes visitors feel comfortable and peaceful after the pressure of tiring work. An enjoyable camping night here will be an unforgettable memory.

Address: at the foot of Hai Van Pass, north of Da Nang city.

My Khe beach


This beach is one of 6 beaches voted by Forbes magazine as the most attractive beach on the planet with fine, white, beautiful, and poetic sands. Coming to Da Nang, surely no one should miss the fun and relaxing time on My Khe beach.

My Khe Beach is not far from Da Nang city center so that you can move to My Khe Beach by motorbike, car or taxi. From the city center, go through the Han River and one of the hotels in Da Nang about 2-3 km; you will see the beautiful My Khe beach right in front of your eyes.

My Khe beach is planned and invested by the city with a full range of services. Coming to My Khe, you can participate in many marine sports activities: scuba diving, fishing, windsurfing, canoeing, paragliding, beach soccer, etc. Especially in summer or public holidays. Danang always organizes cultural exchange activities with the theme every year along the axis of My Khe beach. In addition, visitors can enjoy fresh seafood cuisine at affordable prices here, which will surely make visitors feel satisfied.

Around My Khe beach, many hotels and luxury resorts for those who like to stay near the sea. A romantic evening at My Khe beach, waking up early to go for a walk and watch the sunrise captivates visitors when choosing Da Nang as a tourist destination for their journey. Don't hesitate to save memories with your family or friends!

Address: Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.

Non Nuoc Beach


This beach is one of the beaches with many wild features to admire the impressive beauty here.

Lying curled up at the foot of the majestic Marble Mountains. This beach is famous for its pristine beauty, clear blue sea with 5lm long white sand, and sunshine with cool summer and warm winter. Located about 12km southeast of Da Nang city, visitors can quickly get here by motorbike, car, or taxi.

Visitors can walk barefoot on the fine white sand, immersing themselves in the majestic natural scenery, listening to the murmuring waves of the sea. Lying on the lovely umbrellas under the coconut leaves, sipping some fresh seafood dishes and drinks in the middle of the vast ocean and sky with relatives or friends, visitors will find their hearts light, and seemingly All troubles in life disappear.

Not only that, visitors can participate in engaging entertainment activities such as swimming and scuba diving to see the colorful aquatic system, paragliding on the sea to see the ocean from above or playing games on the beach. Surfing to relieve stress or adventure with water motorbikes with a passion for speed will be very attractive to tourists.

Coming here, visitors will only take 5 minutes to walk to visit the scenic Marble Mountains with mysterious beauty or explore the traditional handicraft village of Non Nuoc stone located at the foot of Marble Mountain. Enjoy a cruise with family or friends on the Co Co River. These will be moments of enjoyable vacation that you will never forget.

Address: Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District.

Xuan Thieu Beach


Xuan Thieu Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang. Xuan Thieu Beach used to have another name, "Red Sea," making visitors curious about this name.

The Red Sea", surely every visitor coming here will think why the name the Red Sea is not a red but still blue, calm, and gentle sea. Visitors come here at dawn or dusk when the sun reflects red light on the water. At that time, the sea was bright red. Therefore, you will understand why the sea is called "The Red Sea."

The fresh blue color of the seawater, the gentle beauty, the strangely romantic nature in the middle of a noisy and bustling Da Nang will surely captivate people. A clean beach, Xuan Thieu beach also offers many tourist services such as jet skis, restaurants, boats, or tent rentals that are very attractive to domestic and international tourists.

Address: Xuan Thieu eco-tourism area, Lien Chieu district

Nam O Beach


Nam O beach dates back to the early 60s. Indeed everyone is curious about the name "Nam O," this beach name means in the south of the old Chau O. The poetic beauty of the beach easily attracts tourists when coming here.

Located 17 km northwest of the city center, visitors can quickly move here by car, taxi, or motorbike. From Xuan Thieu beach, you can see the undulating waves in Nam O, not far away.

The unspoiled beauty of the reefs hidden on the rocky outcrops along with each wave of the sea makes Nam O strong, bearing the style of the time. Nam O is also an interesting stop for those who are passionate about photography. Many young people come here to keep romantic and charming pictures of Nam O beach.

Address: Hoa Hiep ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang city
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