3 most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam

Dambri waterfall

Dambri is 130 km from Dalat, making it possible to visit in a day trip. This impressive waterfall is considered by some to be the highest in the province. Clear, cold water flows from the mountains of the Central Highlands and plunges over a 70-meter rocky slope into a large pool before flowing down the valley via a series of gentler, terraced waterfalls. You don’t have to worry about which season you come here. The water rushes down all year round. The waterfall is extremely popular with local tourists and so it can get very crowded on the weekends. Try to plan a visit during the week.

Bao Dai Waterfall

The Bao Dai Waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Vietnam, but because they are very far from the beaten track, they are rarely visited. These huge, thundering waterfalls are not touristy and the area has only recently been more developed. So far, the development has been subtle and tasteful without the kitschy statues you find in many other places. Stone steps and paths through crag lead to the waterfall.

K50 waterfall

You probably never heard of the K50 waterfall. Yet it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. However, to get there you have to walk through the jungle, a walk of almost a day, with zigzag paths and steep slopes. Unfortunately, there are no good visible trails to the waterfall and you can’t use Google Maps to find it. Before you go it is wise to arrange a trip with an organized tour. You can even do camping here in the middle of the jungle.

- Ha Noi
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