TOP 15 most popular Thanh Hoa tourist attractions in 2022

Thanh Hoa tourist destination not only has famous names like Sam Son, Pu Luong or Hai Tien. Coming to this gateway land connecting the North and the Central of Vietnam, you will be able to visit the ancient historical sites, mysterious caves, etc. All together will make you have interesting and worthwhile experiences this summer!

1. Sam Son - Thanh Hoa (Sầm Sơn - Thanh Hoá)

Only 16km from the center of Thanh Hoa city, every summer, Sam Son welcomes a lot of domestic and foreign tourists. Sam Son beach, which has long shores with big waves, fine white sand and many attractive entertainment spots, is the reason why this place is so popular.

Traveling to Sam Son Thanh Hoa, you can not only enjoy swimming in the sea, participating in water games such as parachute, water motorbike but also enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset on the sea. Talking a walk on the beach at night to fully enjoy the romance of the sea, cycling around the beautiful coastal roads or participating in fishing with fishermen in the early morning are ordinary activities of visitors.

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Sam Son Beach, Thanh Hoa (photo: collectibles)

In Sam Son, there are also many interesting attractions and entertainments you should visit such as: Thuy Tien Cung (located at the foot of Truong Le mountain), Doc Cuoc pagoda, Trong Mai island, Co Tien pagoda, etc.

In particular, you will be very impressed with the way to Co Tien Pagoda. Do not forget to experience the green road of the forest trees interspersed with vivid rays of sunlight through the leaves and the winding uphill road, bringing a feeling of comfort and closeness to the nature. And don’t forget to take some lovely pictures when you set foot here!

Check-in at Sam Son, Thanh Hoa (photo: collectibles)

2. Ho Dynasty Citadel - Thanh Hoa tourist destination should not be missed (Thành nhà Hồ)

This is the first place of the extremely interesting Central Heritage trail waiting for you to discover. Traveling to Thanh Hoa, you must immediately visit the monuments of the Ho Dynasty as the reign of Ho Quy Ly with the unique and magnificent architecture of the citadel. After nearly 600 years with the ups and downs of history and the impact of weather, the outer wall is still quite intact.

The entire goal is built of many blue limestone slabs that are chiseled, sophisticated, and squarely stacked on top of each other. Each stone is about 1.5 m long, with slabs up to 6 m and weighing thousands of tons, stacked without any adhesive, over the years, the citadel still stands tall to this day.

The citadel of the Ho Dynasty belongs to an important Thanh Hoa tourist destination (Photo: collectibles)

The citadel of the Ho Dynasty was built and closely associated with a tumultuous period of Vietnamese society, with the reforms of the Ho dynasty and the proactive ideology of defending national independence. This place is also an outstanding cultural mark of a civilization that has existed for a short time, but is always appreciated by history books.

Stop at the citadel of the Ho Dynasty, don't forget to enjoy the fragrant and crispy Phu Quang Lam Che made from glutinous rice, molasses, peanuts, ginger... with a glass of green tea!

3. Thanh Hoa magical fish stream (Suối thần Thanh Hoá)

Thanh Hoa is a famous land with many beautiful landscapes. One of the most spiritual and ecological destinations in the homeland of the Ma River is the Cam Luong fish stream. Thanh Hoa God Fish Stream is a masterpiece bestowed by nature. This place is not only famous for its wild and rustic look, but also associated with mysterious legends from the past.

Cam Luong magic fish stream - an attractive and mysterious Thanh Hoa tourist destination (Photo: collectibles)

This is Ngoc stream located at the foot of Truong Sinh mountain, with thousands of fish crammed, associated with the stories handed down by the people here. Near the stream, there is a very beautiful mountain cave called Cay Dang cave.

In the cave, there are stalactites with many beautiful shapes. If you are lucky, you can see king fish weighing up to 30 kg, the special thing is that although there are many fish crowded together, the water here is still very clear. You should stop at Ca Than stream when coming to Thanh Hoa to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, listen to legends and enjoy the specialties here!

Legend says that if you can touch the god fish, you will have a lot of luck (Photo: collectibles)

4. Lam Kinh relic site (Khu di tích Lam Kinh)

Lam Kinh (also known as Tay Kinh) is Tho Xuan Thanh Hoa tourist destination, 52 km northwest from Thanh Hoa city. Lam Kinh historical relic area is about 30 hectares wide, including mausoleums, temples and a palace of the Later Le kings who came to pay homage to their ancestors each time.

Lam Kinh Temple in the north is leaning on Dau mountain, in front of the citadel facing the south and overlooking the Chu river, which has Chua mountain as a background, Phu Lam forest at the left, Huong mountain at the right and Ham Rong mountain blocking the west.

Lam Kinh relic site - one of the tourist attractions in Thanh Hoa you should not miss (Photo: collectibles)

Coming to Lam Kinh relic site, you can not only burn incense to worship Buddha, visit the pure pagoda, but also listen to and learn interesting historical stories.

5. Pu Luong - super beautiful check-in place of Thanh Hoa (Pù Luông)

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is 130 km northwest from Thanh Hoa city and 150 km from Hanoi. The road to Pu Luong, whether going from Hanoi or Thanh Hoa, is very easy to go, even the passes.

At Pu Luong, you can see villages surrounded by terraced fields, green forests mixed with rolling mountains and cool streams and waterfalls.

Pu Luong - Thanh Hoa tourist destination brings you to immerse yourself in the nature (Photo: @camtu)

Waking up very early, gently walking on the road to the field, welcoming the clouds flying over people, touching each rice plant with drops of morning dew... are rare moments of leisure for visitors. Another wonderful experience when you feel the first warm rays of sunlight touch you, watch the idyllic life of the people here, all worries and fatigue seem to disappear… only peace remains... !

With rolling mountains, terraced fields and curving white clouds, you'll think you're lost in a certain Northwest region (Photo: @camtu)

In the paradise of Pu Luong, you will easily see the image of clouds and smog flying in the valley and then slowly rising, the scenery of mountains with clouds and sky, green fields interspersed with green fields. The brilliant yellow array creates a charming landscape picture that captivates people.

A beautiful photo by the infinity pool at the super hot Thanh Hoa tourist destination - Pu Luong (Photo: @camtu)

6. Hai Tien Beach 

Hai Tien new beach in Thanh Hoa, one of the most beautiful beaches in the North, is receiving a lot of love from young people today with relatively developed tourism services but still retains the inherent wildness and natural beauty of the sea.

Here you can go to the market early and buy fresh seafood at a cheap price. Moreover, you will be integrated into the lives of the people. Especially, Hai Tien beach is suitable for those who love peace and wildness to comfortably enjoy the fresh and peaceful space during their vacation.

Up above from Hai Tien Beach (photo: collectibles)

From Hai Tien beach in Thanh Hoa, you can go up the Ma river to visit Lach Hoi, Con Truong where there is a forest of cork and parrots; Through Nguyet Vien wharf, Ham Rong wharf to visit Ngoc mountain, Dragon mountain, Tien Son cave, Kim Quy lake.

7. Elephant Waterfall (Thác Voi)

Elephant waterfall in Thanh Van commune, Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province has long become an attractive tourist attraction for many tourists. The scenery here is like a charming painting that nature bestows on “Thanh World”.

Although it has not been properly invested, the traffic to the Elephant waterfall eco-tourism area is quite convenient for you to move. The landscape here is also quite primitive and poetic. It is a great destination you should visit.

Elephant Waterfall - one of the beautiful view places in Thanh Hoa (Photo: collectibles)

Standing under the white waterfalls, you will have a cool and wonderful feeling amidst the majestic and poetic natural scenery. The waterfall falls down to form white foam, the waterfalls are non-stop running day and night like a dragon spraying water. Elephant waterfall has become an attractive eco-tourism destination in the western part of "Thanh World".

8. Cloud Waterfall (Thác Mây)

With the beauty as a masterpiece of nature, cool water streams and extremely attractive landscape, May waterfall (in Thach Lam commune, Thach Thanh district) is the top ideal destination, attracting thousands of tourists. Tourists come to avoid the heat and cool off these summer days, and at the same time have interesting experiences with the culture and life of the Muong ethnic people in Thanh.

May Waterfall - an attractive tourist destination in Thanh Hoa every summer (Photo: collectibles)

With stairs from bottom to top with yellow stone slabs, combined with clear, white water not only creates its own beauty, but also helps you easily go up to the waterfall to explore. No matter what angle you admire it from, you will see a ravishingly beautiful cloud waterfall.

9. "Ben En" Thanh Hoa tourist area (Khu du lịch Bến En Thanh Hoá)

Ben En National Park is an attractive eco-tourism destination with diverse mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. In particular, there is a 3,000 ha wide Muc River lake with more than 20 small and large islands.

Ben En Thanh Hoa area from above (photo: collectibles)

Boating on the river and enjoying dishes from catfish, discovering Thai customs and traditions will definitely be memorable experiences in your Ben En tourist area.

Cruising on the lake at dawn, when the islands are still hazy in the white mist, you will have the feeling of being lost in the fairy world with unreal rivers, water, clouds and sky. Hidden in the middle of a river of 21 islands with lyrical names: Love, Happiness, Double Mountain, Hope.

Diverse animals at Ben En National Park (photo: collectibles)

10. Hai Hoa Beach (Biển Hải Hoà)

Hai Hoa Beach belongs to Hai Hoa commune, Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa, about 60 km from Thanh Hoa city. This place is not noisy, nor crowded, bustling like other famous Thanh Hoa beaches. Hai Hoa Beach will be an ideal choice if you want to find a peaceful tourist destination and still fully admire the charming and harmonious beauty of nature.

In addition to walking, bathing, swimming at the pristine beautiful beach, clear blue water, gentle waves and white sand running for 20 km, coming to Hai Hoa, you can also explore Quang Trung temple, Nghi Son island, fireworks. Tinh Hai radio, Ong Ninh citadel, Rua Ngoc well, etc.

 The scene of a peaceful fishing village at Hai Hoa beach - Thanh Hoa tourist destination is still unknown to many tourists (Photo: collectibles)

11. East Beach (Bãi Đông)

East Beach is the coast of Nghi Son peninsula, Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa. Located about 60 km from the city center, this place is becoming an attractive destination for tourists in the North and an ideal choice for tourists' short trips in hot summer days.

East Beach - new check-in spot among the young (photo: collectibles)

12. Ham Rong Bridge - Thanh Hoa tourist destination should not be missed

Ham Rong Bridge across the Ma River is a symbol of the will and resilience of the heroic Qing country. Coming here, you can experience the natural scene of Dong Son ancient village, Canh Tien mountain, Ngoc mountain, Tien Son cave, Dragon's eye cave, Tran Khat Chan temple, Le Uy temple, Tang Phuc pagoda and historical sites. culture of Ham Rong - Nam Ngan.

Ham Rong Bridge - Thanh Hoa tourist attraction with heroic history (Photo: collectibles)

13. Hon Me Island

Leaving behind the fatigue of work and life, some people will choose for themselves bustling, crowded places to relax. But there are also people who go to peaceful, rustic places to find an ancient, quiet place and one of the most attractive places is Hon Me Island - one of the most popular islands in Thanh Hoa.

Hon Me - Thanh Hoa tourist destination is still wild and full of novelties (Photo: collectibles)

Standing from above, looking down, when the sky is calm and the sea is calm, you will see 18 large and small islands like a herd of horses leisurely grazing in the middle of the vast steppe. Hon Me Island retains the pristine beauty of heaven and earth. The clear blue water along with the fresh air gives you a feeling of comfort and ease.

14. Cuc Phuong National Park (Vườn Quốc gia Cúc Phương)

If you do not know what tourism in Thanh Hoa has to offer, take the time to explore Cuc Phuong National Park. Cuc Phuong National Park covers an area of 25,000 hectares and is also the first national forest of Vietnam.

The road to Cuc Phuong National Park - Thanh Hoa tourist destination has never ceased to be hot (Photo: collectibles)

The characteristic of Cuc Phuong is tropical rainforest, green all year round with extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna. There are many endangered species of flora and fauna that have been discovered and preserved here, of which the outstanding black-and-white langur is considered the symbol of Cuc Phuong forest.

Especially coming to Cuc Phuong forest in May is the time when butterflies in Cuc Phuong forest are at their most blooming. With the number of individuals that can be up to millions, they are racing to show off the sky, making this place like a beautiful "butterfly forest" like in a fairyland.

Super magical butterfly forest at Cuc Phuong National Park - a cool tourist destination in Thanh Hoa in summer (Photo: collectibles)

In addition, if you can travel Thanh Hoa for a full day, then Cuc Phuong National Park is an ideal destination. Because here there are quite a few interesting points waiting for you to discover such as: Ancient cave, Con Moong cave, Moon Crescent cave, Silver cloud peak, etc.

Discover the most interesting tourist attractions in Thanh Hoa (Photo: collectibles)

15. Thanh Hoa city (Thành phố Thanh Hoá)

It is a mistake if you ignore an extremely vibrant Thanh Hoa tourist destination regardless of day and night, which is Thanh Hoa city. This heroic city each time of the day has its own beauty, but perhaps the city at night brings a more attractive and attractive feature to anyone who has ever visited.

You can walk around the monument, Le Loi Avenue, discover Thanh Hoa specialties at Dao Duy night street or have fun, shop, and enjoy coffee with friends at Vincom shopping center and a series of townhouses Vincom Shophouse… all have created a bustling and dynamic scene in the heart of Thanh Hoa city.

Thanh Hoa City (photo: collectibles)

With the top 15 tourist attractions in Thanh Hoa that we have just shared above, do you believe that this land is "beautiful and forgetful"? If you have the opportunity to visit and stop in Thanh World, take the time to explore to better understand the people and this dear Central region.

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