Top 12 most beatiful beaches in the North for bikini check-in

Summer is about to come and the beach is a must-go-to destination. Today we will introduce to you the list of famous Northern beaches for a perfect vacation. The more you read, the more exotic, wild and unspoiled beaches you will find. We hope this list will not disappoint you. Now, let’s check it out!

1. Bai Chay Beach - Quang Ninh: an artificial beach with long stretches of golden sand blending with the clear blue water of the sea

The well-known check-in spot with coconut trees on white sand beach

2. Sam Son Beach - Thanh Hoa: home to countless beautiful and attractive landscapes such as Hon Trong Mai, ancient Co Tien pagoda, etc.

3. East Beach - Thanh Hoa: is likened to the "sea paradise" of Thanh Hoa land

Any picture taken is beautiful with the help of the sky and beach

4. Do Son - Hai Phong: a place with charming scenery along with many very attractive seafood dishes

A favorite destination of many families on holidays or vacations

5. Cat Ba Island - Hai Phong: a place with unspoiled nature with forests, seas, rivers, streams, mountains, valleys and even caves, etc.

Cat Ba Island is famous for its green pure water

6. Co To Island - Quang Ninh: the island has a wild, poetic and very peaceful beauty

The exotic beach of Co To Island

You can have a nice check-in picture anytime because the island is partly in peace and quiet

7. Hai Tien Beach - Thanh Hoa: the beach has the space of nature bringing ecstatic beauty

Hai Tien Harbour Bridge - new check-in spot of the young

The combination of nature's beautiful beach and architecture's modern design

8. Tra Co Beach - Mong Cai: famous as one of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches in Vietnam

Wild and peaceful beach of Tra Co

9. Quan Lan Beach - Quang Ninh: brings a very special attraction to tourists because its beauty is still wild, but no less romantic

Dubbed of "Eo gio - Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh"

10. Thinh Long Beach - Nam Dinh: Coming here, you can not only immerse yourself in the sea but also feel the peaceful life of the people in the sea.

People's normal life along the beach

11. Dong Chau beach - Thai Binh: brings peaceful and poetic beauty with wooden houses precariously built in the sea along with rudimentary fishing boats of fishing village people

Dong Mo Beach is most unique beach in this list with details of houses on the sea

Getting up early to see the sunrise is a go-to experience

Check-in picture by the sea

12. Ha Long Bay - Quang Ninh: one of Seven Natural Wonders of the world

Last but not least, Ha Long Bay

Famous with friends from all over the world, Ha Long Bay always leave a good impression whenever having chance to visit

The nature, atmosphere and peacefulness of Ha Long Bay will become a relief from daily life's stress

We hope this list will help you to find a suitable destinations for up-coming summer trip!

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