Top 5 best homestays in Phu Quoc Island for your vacation

Peace House Phu Quoc

The accommodation brings a feeling of clean and airy, but still luxurious and comfortable. The owner designs Peace House in warm-honey tones. Also, the background is in the vintage style with floral raw brick walls.

The interior uses Cedarwood imported from Canada and is completely dried, turning Peace House a wooden house but still not damp when the rainy season comes.

Overall, Peace House is an ideal homestay for tourists who love a simple classic but delicate style. Natural sunlight and natural draft are always everywhere, giving us a feeling of comfort and closeness to nature.


  • Address: Residential Quarter 10, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island
  • Hotline: 0834 678 923
  • Price: 400.000 VND/double room ($20) - 1.700.000 VND/whole house for 8-10 people ($80)

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