Top 5 best homestays in Phu Quoc Island for your vacation

Phu Quoc is an ideal tourist destination for many tourists when visiting Vietnam. Coming to this island, besides luxurious and luxurious resorts, you can still choose quality places to stay at reasonable prices. Here, let's refer to the top 5 homestays in Phu Quoc you should once try.

  1. Langchia Village Phu Quoc
  2. Peace House Phu Quoc
  3. D'Hotel Phu Quoc
  4. 9 Station Hostel
  5. 88 Hilltop Hostel Phu Quoc

Langchia Village Phu Quoc

Tourists will undoubtedly be impressed by the garden-fresh natural space here. Visitors will indeed have many exciting experiences such as watching fish swimming in the lake, watching movies at the cinema, playing snooker, free billiards. Especially Langchia Village is close to the sea, so visitors do not need to spend much time going to admire the beauty of the sea.

The homestay is relatively high-priced, but it is entirely in line with the utilities and experiences that it brings. Langchia Village is not suitable for tourist groups or those who are looking for a cheap trip but more suitable for couples who love romance and choose to come here to relax.


  • Address: Cua Lap Hamlet, Duong To Commune, Bai Truong Beach
  • Hotline: 097 330 20 44
  • Price: 1300000 - 1900000 VND ($56.62 - $82.76)

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