Favorite afternoon meals in Ha Noi

Cháo trai (porridge with mussels)

Nothing is better than friends gathering around a "Chao trai" vendor, enjoying a bowl of “chao trai” in the cold weather. Therefore, mussel rice porridge is always sold out whenever the weather turns chilly. 

To make a delicious bowl of "cháo trai", it is necessary to choose appropriate rice; fat and boiled mussels. Stir-fried mussels that have just been cooked to not be chewy.

Bánh rán mặn (Vietnamese savory glutinous rice balls)

The crust is golden and crispy, along with the hot, delicious filling inside. Dipping "bánh rán" into the sweet and sour sauce can make your full in the chilling days. 

With simple ingredients, but to make a delicious batch of "banh ran," it is necessary to note some of the following secrets: When kneading flour, the filling needs to be dry. Fry rice balls in a deep pan and double deep-fry over high heat.

Bánh gối (Crispy 'empanadas')

“Bánh gối” is known as "The pie of Winter", associated with many people's childhood. The cake has a thin golden crust, crispy, consisting of minced pork, wood ear mushrooms, and a quail egg, served with sweet and sour sauce and pickled cucumber. 

This dish is best served when it is hot. Thus, “bánh gối” always sold out on afternoon time, especially in cold days.

Ốc luộc (boiled snails)

“Ốc luộc” (boiled snails) is a popular street food for many people. Siting with your friends and enjoying a bowl of hot boiled snails, arousing the aroma of lemongrass, lemon leaves, chewy snail meat and sweet, spicy, sour dipping sauce, all the stress seems to go away. One tip to have a good dish is that you should not eat snails at the beginning of the month or at the end of the month because snails breed and become thinner.

There are many ways to prepare the snail, such as soaking in rice water, adding a few slices of chopped fresh chilly, or vinegar will help the snail release all the mud and mucus inside. Do not boil the snail for too long because it will cause the snail meat to shrink chewy. When eating, remember to remove the snail guts.

Thịt xiên nướng (Grilled meat skewers)

Thịt xiên nướng” (meat skewers) is interspersed with lean fat are fragrant, crunchy, and soft, nicely polished. The scent of spices full of "enchanting "this dish used to eat as a snack or served with bun ( rice noodles) are very suitable in cold weather. "Tht xiên nướng" is always a go-to option for many youngsters.

 To make a delicious grilled skewer, choosing a shoulder blade of pork or only belly with more lean meat is recommended so as not to dry out. Spices such as lemongrass, garlic, and dried onions should be squeezed for the juice to marinate the meat before grilling so that the meat does not burn.

Bánh gà (Vietnamese chicken pie)

Each pie is hot, crispy, with a golden crust, juicy tender chicken, with delicious cheese on the inside. "Bánh gàis loved by numerous young people and is considered Hanoi's" divine" snack. Just two chicken pies are enough for a late afternoon light meal. 

The chicken and onion are only pre-grinded to make a delicious chicken pie. The taste of the chicken remains intact. You should not grind the meat since it will make it shredded. To make the pie smooth and tender, it is recommended to add some chicken fat or cooking oil when mixing the filling. It is advisable to spread evenly and continuously the fill to create adhesion, then let it cool in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or quickly put it on the freezer for 15 minutes to harden, making it easier to mold the cake.

Bánh đúc nóng (Vietnamese salted rice flour cake)

Hot "bánh đúc" is a variation of traditional cold "bánh đúc", which is hot, soft, and pliable. The hot version is ladled in with sweet and sour sauce when eating. Add minced meat, carrots, dried onions, parsley which is a perfect late afternoon meal.

So, have you made up your choice for today's afternoon yet? Have a good meal!

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