5 Best bars in Da Lat

Da Lat not only attracts visitors by the cold weather, beautiful landscape, but this city also makes people nostalgic by the harmonious atmosphere of a classical-style pub or a bustling bar where one can let go of the troubles of the night. If you are in love with the spicy aroma that spreads in your body, don't forget to visit the favorite bars and pubs in Da Lat below!

  1. Léon Bar Dalat
  2. V Sky Acoustic Bar
  3. Rain Nightclub Dalat
  4. The Balcony Speakeasy bar
  5. Woody Dalat

Léon Bar Dalat


Da Lat is busier, more fun, and has nothing to be more attached to because the pub of a movie lover and his soul is continually in disarray. Léon is the name that is being talked about here. This place has made many visitors to Da Lat fall in love with the romantic and artistic beauty. It holds them back for one more second, then another second. They do not want to leave. 

Léon Bar is still beautiful with a gentle and quiet feature that makes guests drifted along with the cocktail stream, spreading in the mouth and then gently disappeared, leaving only a slight warmth and comfort.

Undoubtedly a place to visit in this highland city, Léon with heart-melting music, a trot scene that paints romantic stories with a professional bartender, all harmonize under color. Yellow lights are half-ambiguous, half-real in everyday life, helping our souls to wander in lyrical moments. Gentle but wild, charming but no less authentic, all have created an excellent Léon Bar in a place of thousands of flowers in Da Lat with a misty mist lingering in people's hearts.

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