Shopping in Vietnam: Top 5 Bat Trang ceramic stores in Hanoi

Bat Trang craft village has been famous since the old days. Thanks to the ingenuity and diligence of artisans who love the craft, these products are considered art in Vietnam. Bat Trang products always have their durability and sophistication. To ensure that the products we buy are Bat Trang ceramics, we should look to Hanoi's most prestigious pottery shops.

  1. Dai Viet Ceramic
  2. Bat Trang 360 Ceramic
  3. Thanh Thuy Ceramic
  4. Gom Lam Ceramic
  5. Minh Quang Ceramic

Dai Viet Ceramic

Dai Viet Ceramic is a prestigious ceramic dealer of Bat Trang ceramic products in Hanoi. It is trusted by customers thanks to many beautiful and quality ceramic models. With many years of experience in the industry, Dai Viet Pottery helps select many popular Bat Trang ceramic models. They even help customers distinguish between original Bat Trang ceramics and mass-produced ones. Currently, the shop is the name that guarantees the quality and prestige of the famous Vietnamese pottery village.

They regularly update new models to rearrange their display space. The number of ceramics can be wholesaled to customers when needed. There are also various choices for retail customers. The products are hand-made by veterans from soil selection to forming and follow a strict process to ensure the quality of the final item.

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