The 8 best used motorbike shops in Hanoi

Currently, the demand for cheap used motorbikes is very much. Still, with the desire to buy a car that is both cheap and good quality, countless shops are selling and purchasing used motorbikes on the market, but the quality is unknown. how. Therefore, the following article would like to introduce some reputable and quality used motorbike sales addresses in Hanoi.

  1. Hoang Kien Store
  2. Viet Ha Motorbike
  3. Tan Dat Store
  4. Dang Hoa Store
  5. Duong Dream Motorcycle Shop
  6. Hoang Hiep Motorbike
  7. Anh Loc motorbike shop

Hoang Kien Store 

Motorcycles are an essential and primary means of transportation in Vietnam. Hoang Kien Motorcycle Supermarket is the most famous & reliable place to buy, sell and exchange used motorbikes in Hanoi. 

Hoang Kien Motorcycle Supermarket was established in 1996, is an enterprise specializing in buying and selling all types of new and used motorbikes of all license plates of provinces and cities in the country. With nearly 20 years of experience in the profession and developing the capital Hanoi in particular and the whole government, Hoang Kien Motorcycles increasingly asserts its position and reliable position for customers to trust. 

This store haves professional qualifications in vehicle quality appraisal, accurate records, registrations, and papers. Along with a professional, enthusiastic, and dedicated service style to customers, Hoang Kien motorbike supermarket has become a familiar address in the Hanoi market. It serves many customers - dealers on the market nationwide. Hoang Kien motorbike supermarket is proud to be one of the leading units in providing means of transport, meeting the needs of all customers of different classes and suitable for the public's pocket, officials, students, students, and employees.


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