The 8 best used motorbike shops in Hanoi

Currently, the demand for cheap used motorbikes is very much. Still, with the desire to buy a car that is both cheap and good quality, countless shops are selling and purchasing used motorbikes on the market, but the quality is unknown. how. Therefore, the following article would like to introduce some reputable and quality used motorbike sales addresses in Hanoi.

  1. Hoang Kien Store

Hoang Kien Store 

Motorcycles are an essential and primary means of transportation in Vietnam. Hoang Kien Motorcycle Supermarket is the most famous & reliable place to buy, sell and exchange used motorbikes in Hanoi. 

Hoang Kien Motorcycle Supermarket was established in 1996, is an enterprise specializing in buying and selling all types of new and used motorbikes of all license plates of provinces and cities in the country. With nearly 20 years of experience in the profession and developing the capital Hanoi in particular and the whole government, Hoang Kien Motorcycles increasingly asserts its position and reliable position for customers to trust. 

This store haves professional qualifications in vehicle quality appraisal, accurate records, registrations, and papers. Along with a professional, enthusiastic, and dedicated service style to customers, Hoang Kien motorbike supermarket has become a familiar address in the Hanoi market. It serves many customers - dealers on the market nationwide. Hoang Kien motorbike supermarket is proud to be one of the leading units in providing means of transport, meeting the needs of all customers of different classes and suitable for the public's pocket, officials, students, students, and employees.


Viet Ha Motorbike 

Viet Ha motorbike specializes in selling prestigious used motorbikes in Hanoi. Coming to the store, you can choose the most suitable cars with many models, guaranteed quality, all documents and procedures are always complete. Viet Ha motorbike is a reputable shop in Hanoi. All warranties, maintenance, and great incentives always satisfy customers. The shop has a team of experienced staff who will give reliable advice on vehicle techniques, documents, and procedures when buying a car.

In addition, there are many customers from far-away provinces to find the desired clutches or scooters with good quality and affordable prices. Not only that, but the cars here also have high newness from 90% to 99%, reasonable prices, long-term warranty for all vehicles sold. Therefore, this has long been considered one of Hanoi's second-hand motorbike shops specializing in providing mid- and high-segment vehicles.

Tan Dat Store 

Tan Dat shop is a trusted address for buying and selling used motorbikes of many customers. In Hanoi, the shop has been reputable for a long time. Even if you are not knowledgeable about vehicles, you can still choose good cars when coming to Tan Dat shop. 

Here, we have purchased many high-quality cars, the new level is up to 90% to 99%. With reasonable prices and a long-term warranty for all vehicles sold at the store, it has created a long-standing reputation and trust for customers. 

Tan Dat Moto sells many sports clutch motorcycles, PKL, PKN, SH: Kawasaki W175, Z250, Z300, Z650, Z800, Z900, Z900RS, Z1000, Z1000R, Ninja300,..., and many other lines.


Dang Hoa Store 

Dang Hoa motorcycle shop was established in 2008, specializing in trading, buying, and selling all models of motorcycles with license plates from all over the country. With many years of experience in the profession, Dang Hoa Motorcycles increasingly asserted its position in the market and is where customers trust.

It is outstanding with a high level of expertise, vehicle quality appraisal, vehicle registration documents, and records. Along with a professional, enthusiastic and dedicated service style, Dang Hoa motorcycle shop has become a familiar address in Hanoi and serves many customers - dealers nationwide. Dang Hoa motorbike is proud to be one of the leading units in the second-hand motorcycle market. It meets the needs of all customers of all walks of life, suitable for the pockets of civil servants, students, students, and workers. 

Dang Hoa Store commits to: 

  • The price of the car is very reasonable. 
  • Actual photos are 100% self-taken by the shop. Prestigious used car shop has thousands of 5* customer reviews. 
  • Huge car warehouse, diverse in number, models, and colors. 
  • All cars at the store are quality assured, thoroughly appraised, and legally guaranteed.
  • The store has a full service of the name change, sign change, re-registration for customers who need to change names in the shortest time. 
  • Warranty period from 6 months to 1 year. 
  • On-site warranty for customers in Hanoi city. Support buying and selling cars at high prices for customers buying and selling at the store. 
  • Change the car in the first 7 days if the customer is not satisfied. 
  • Car delivery to customers far away. 
  • Pay online, swipe your card quickly. 
  • Buying a car in installments via credit card is highly preferential.



Duong Dream Motorcycle Shop 

Duong Dream Motorcycle Shop specializes in buying, selling, and consigning new and used motorbikes. Coming to the store, you will choose products with diverse designs, good quality, high newness, warranty. In addition, maintenance policies have created a reputation for the store over the years. 

Customer benefits when buying a car:

  • 1-year motorcycle battery warranty. 
  • Lifetime warranty and car papers. 
  • In 7 days, there is a slight error to fix for free.
  • Support to exchange cars if not satisfied. 
  • Buyback high-priced cars when customers have no need to use them. 
  • There is support for changing the owner's name (if the customer needs it). 
  • Customers who are far away to support still transfer cars to all provinces and cities in the country, pay by transfer. 


Dai Duong Motorcycle Shop 

Dai Duong motorcycle shop is the most professional address specializing in buying and selling used motorbikes in the Hanoi capital area. Perhaps everyone knows that motorbikes are the most critical and central means of transportation in Vietnam. To meet the needs of customers and the increasing demand of the market where motorbikes are the primary means of transport in big cities. Dai Duong motorcycle shop addresses those who want to buy used motorbikes, quality, and best prices in the area.

List of services purchased and sold at the store: 

  • Buying and selling imported and Vietnamese SH.
  • Buy and sell Liberty Vietnam cars and import them.
  • Buy and sell Zip cars Buy and sell PS Buy and sell Spacy cars.
  • Buying and selling Vespa LX Vietnam and imported vehicles. 
  • Buy and sell Dylan cars Buy and sell cars Click.
  • Buying and selling Vision cars.
  • Buy and sell cars Attila.
  • Buy and sell cars Nouvo.
  • Buy and sell Air Blade cars 
  • Buy and sell Lead cars ...


Hoang Hiep Motorbike 

In the Hanoi area, the Hoang Hiep motorbike is one of the prestigious addresses. This is the place to help you find yourself a quality used motorbike and the best price possible. Hoang Hiep motorbike shop specializes in trading all types of second-hand motorbikes from famous brands of different durability such as honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Sym, ... 

At Hoang Hiep motorbike, you will be provided with warranty service and quality products, so you can rest assured to choose an old motorbike from Hoang Hiep. When you come to Hoang Hiep motorbike, the staff will be carefully advised on the notes when buying a car. After purchasing the vehicle, you will receive a warranty and repair policy, accompanied by other care services.


Anh Loc motorbike shop 

Anh Loc motorbike shop is a shop specializing in providing prestigious second-hand motorbikes in the Hanoi area. Anh Loc motorbike shop has a wide range of motorcycles from major brands. It has a stable price and quality, making it easy for you to choose a suitable old motorbike without giving up an excessive amount. Anh Loc is always committed to providing the best products to its customers. Some types of motorbikes at the shop: Honda, Piaggo and some other brands. 

Some outstanding advantages:

  • The car is carefully checked to ensure 100% original, not repaired or replaced 2-year warranty. 
  • Lifetime security guarantee. 
  • On-site warranty in Hanoi 0% installment payment via credit card. 
  • Installment 30 - 70% via CMT and BLX with low interest rates.
  • Buy a used car at the best price in the market. Support to buy a car on the spot in Hanoi. 


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