Top 5 most popular online food ordering apps today

With today's technology, just sitting at home, you can do everything, such as order food online. Apparently, in Vietnam, using a reputable food ordering or fast food delivery application is also a trend many people receive. Top Ten Reviews will bring you the most popular online food ordering apps in the article below!

  1. Now
  2. GrabFood
  3. Baemin
  4. GoFood
  5. Loship


When it comes to food ordering apps, Now is probably a bright name on the market. Now created by Food Corp., the application provides much fresh food, cosmetics, medicine, food. In addition, Now also offers many other services such as flower delivery, table reservation, maid hire, laundry service, and parcel delivery.  

Users only need to indicate where they are, Now will let you know which restaurants are ready to deliver food to you. The prices of dishes ordered on the application are always public and transparent. Immediately after placing an order, customers will receive a message to confirm the order information and delivery time.

Thanks to this application, users will save a lot of time from waiting for a purchase. In particular, customers will enjoy all the attractive promotions and discounts that the application brings. 

Now is present in major cities in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Bien Hoa, Binh Duong, Hue, Can Tho, Vinh, Quang Ninh.



GrabFood is a fast-food delivery service, just launched by Grab not long ago. However, it still quickly won the hearts of consumers because of its convenience, speed, and prioritization of a good customer experience.

Customers will choose a delivery location or select their favorite dish by entering the information in the available search bar, then confirming the price and choosing a ride. The only thing left is to wait until a Grab driver delivers the food! But of course, in addition to the fee for the dish, Grab-food will also charge an additional shipping cost. The price of food ordered online is also not different from the food price when eating on the spot. 

Similar to GoFood, GrabFood is included in a service selection for drivers who are running Grabbike. When turning on the app and receiving a ride, drivers can flexibly choose a service area to operate in parallel between grab bike, delivery grab, and GrabFood.



In 2010, Woowa Brothers launched the application "Bae-dal-e-min-jok" (abbreviated as BAEMIN) in Korea. With the vision of "Using the power of Information Technology to develop the Delivery Industry," the birth of this application has created an online food delivery experience with two-way interaction. It makes innovation for the food delivery industry.

Entering the Vietnamese market in 2019, BAEMIN Vietnam inherits the strengths of discovering customers' needs and preferences and designing and creating unique and different products and content separate.

However, BAEMIN not only delivers "delicious food" but also wants to bring Vietnamese culture with its wit. It is an effective way to get customers to truly love the experience of "having fun." A unique set of fonts and characters "Meo Meo" exclusively for the Vietnamese market.

With just a few simple steps on the BAEMIN app: Choose food, Choose the nearest store, and Order, your favorite dishes are delivered quickly at a highly reasonable price.



As the pioneering super app in Southeast Asia, Gojek has been present in more than 200 cities in 5 countries. Its aim is to take you around the city (GoRide), enjoy delicious food at affordable prices (GoFood), deliver within minutes. (GoSend) and serve your many other needs in a single tap. GoFood is part of the multi-service application GoJek. GoFood especially makes a strong impression in the hearts of foodies because of its rich list of partners. It ranges from popular toad shops, fast food chains to luxury restaurants.

The advantage of GoFood is that the food categories are arranged in a reasonably scientific way, according to many different interest groups. GoFood is currently one of the heavyweights in the ranking race with services similar to Grabfood, By taking advantage of several Go-bike drivers, Grabfood can increase income for partners and help customers access online food services quickly. At the same time, it also ensures a source of income for restaurants in the food and beverage industry.

Features of GoFood: 

  • Affiliated with many restaurants across the country;
  • Many offers and updated every day;
  • Search for restaurants near you;
  • Order tracking. 



Loship is a service to buy and ship milk tea and fast food. Although newly launched, thanks to the sponsorship by the parent company Lozi, Loship has attracted many units in the culinary industry. Loship's two significant segments are milk tea and fast food. It covers almost all major brands such as Koi Thé, Phuc Long, Bobapop, Royaltea, Lotteria, KFC, Popeyes, McDonald's, Pizza Company... 

Loship's strength is fast delivery time (committed in one hour), free shipping, and regular discounts. Perhaps Loship's priority target group is young people and office workers. So snacks such as milk tea, tea, rice paper, fruit... are very rich. Besides, lunch dishes, broken rice, pho... are also quite diverse.

Created by a team of Vietnamese people, Loship serves Vietnamese people to change Vietnamese society for the better. Loship believes that there are many things in Vietnam that young Vietnamese themselves can do, making significant changes and impacting the lives of Vietnamese people. Whereas you are, Loship will still be present, delivering goods to customers immediately.


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